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The nipples look darker and bigger as you may now be pregnant.

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Q: Your nipples look darker and bigger why?
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How do your nipples look when you're pregnant?

they look bigger and the color is darker and theirs this white spotting dots aroud it

Could your nipples get darker and get bigger in false pregnancy?

I hope si

What do your nipples look like when you are pregnant?

When I was pregnant with my son my nipples got darker.

Does darker nipples mean boy or girl?

darker nipples

Do your nipples get bigger in early stages of pregnancy?

Many women find their nipples and areolae (the dark bits) get larger and darker quite early in pregnancy.

How do you make my nipples darker?

Nipples will darken during pregnancy.

Nipples become lighter color?

Nipples become darker when pregnant

Im a 13 year old male but you have very light pink nipples When you look at other people their nipples are darker Will mine darken during puberty or will you always have them?

Your nipples won't darken.

What do your nipples look like right before pregnancy?

Bigger than usual.

Why do nipples turn darker brown?

Yes, when its cold or when you have goosebumps it gets darker. I'm fair skinned with light brown nipples-perfectly normal.

Could birth control make your nipples darker?


What do walnuts look like?

Walnuts when shelled look similar to pecans, but they are usually a bit bigger and darker.

Does a girl's nipples become darker during puberty?

no girl's nipple become darker after sex

Do bigger nipples mean bigger breasts?


Why are some nipples darker than others?

Genetic from your parents

What color does your nipples turn when your pregnant?

darker hue then they normaly are

What are padded bras made for?

This is for to make you to have bigger breast/nipples to have cups in the bra to have the illusion that you have bigger breast/nipples.

What are those things that make your nipples bigger for boys?

The genetical factors are the things that make the nipples for the boys bigger.

Does a female rabbits nipples get bigger when pregnant?

Yes they get bigger

How can you make your nipples bigger?

to make them harder and bigger ice

Is pregnancy the only reason for darker nipples?

No, a period can also cause this.

Does ice make nipples bigger?


How do you make nipples beautiful?

you make them bigger\

Does rubbing your nipples make it bigger?


How men can have bigger nipples?

Pump them up