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dont worry, you WILL know.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-27 14:13:23
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Q: Your not sure if your boyfriend ejaculated in your mouth how will you know?
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How will you know when your boyfriend has come?

by come i guess you mean ejaculated. He will know, trust me. Once he has, make sure you stop, because his penis will start to become flacet and the condom will become loose, possible spilling its contents.

What do you do if you think you could be pregnant but you dont know for sure should you tell your boyfriend or wait till you know for sure?

Wait till you know for sure!

Does kate dicamillo have a boyfriend?

I'm not not sure but i know she had a boyfriend in highschool his name was Chuck marshall.

Dose drake bell have a boyfriend?

I do not know that but i am pretty sure he is not gay!

Can you get pregnant when you are late for your period and your husband ejaculated on the outside of your vagina?

not sure!

How do you know if your pregnamt for sure?

Your probably know that your pregnant if you didnt use a condom and your boyfriend leaves you.

What should you do if you know your boyfriend is in love with you but your not sure if you love him back?

ysold t

Is Dan Kloeffler gay?

I do not know for sure. I have heard he at one time had a boyfriend.

What are the chances of pregnancy if he ejaculated?

I think it's 20%- but I'm not sure :S

When is the time to kiss your boyfriend?

when you both know that you love each other and you're sure of it

When is the best time to tell your boyfriend that you may have an std?

As soon as you know for sure that you have one

Should your boyfriend know about your monthly period cycle?

Sure he should know. He needs to learn about it and how you feel because of it.

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