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dont worry, you WILL know.

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by come i guess you mean ejaculated. He will know, trust me. Once he has, make sure you stop, because his penis will start to become flacet and the condom will become loose, possible spilling its contents.

I'm not not sure but i know she had a boyfriend in highschool his name was Chuck marshall.

I do not know that but i am pretty sure he is not gay!

Your probably know that your pregnant if you didnt use a condom and your boyfriend leaves you.

I do not know for sure. I have heard he at one time had a boyfriend.

I think it's 20%- but I'm not sure :S

Sure he should know. He needs to learn about it and how you feel because of it.

when you both know that you love each other and you're sure of it

I know he has a boyfriend, but Iโ€™m not sure how he labels himself.

he wants to know if you have a boyfriend.... probably now im not sure though. but he means he wants you or hes curious....

You would have to ask your boyfriend to know for sure. But my answer is;he wouldn't care how you look. (with or without make up, sweat pants, etc.)he smiles a lot around you.he cares about how you feel.he cares about your hopes and dreams.texts you all the time.Like I said, you would have to ask your boyfriend to know for sure if he loves you. These are just my guesses.

You would have to ask him yourself. Unless you have seen the txt messages, then you would know for sure.

If you know it's okay with her and her boyfriend, then it should be fine, but if you're not sure with one or both of them, then you shouldn't push the issue.

make sure you know who he's with where he is and if there was any past relationship between them

i know for sure that the mouth is one of them.

You can get pregnant if his sperm manages to get inside your vagina. Obviously he couldn't penetrate you if he is wearing his pants, but if he ejaculated his sperm could get through the material and into you. Make sure you take a pregnancy test and don't do this again unless you want to be pregnant.

Sure! make sure you still have other best friends, but sure! My boyfriend is my best friend

she did in 2000 i dont know now yep she sure does. i went to her concert and she had a cigin her mouth!

I don't know....listening to "Could it be magic" sure hope he has someone special in his life.

first of all let him prove it for sure if he really do love u....

ummm ask him?? He might not know what to do or how to do it right... It may be him and not you. Just make sure you are showered and clean- if he has issues help him out