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exactly.Acceptance.its her life,there's nothing you can do except send her lots of blessings.

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What does it mean when a guy calls you babe but not going out?

If I wear you I would tell my boyfriend or slap in front of everyone.

What is a sentence for advice?

Me and my boyfriend were going through a rough patch, so I asked my sister who is married for any advice that could help.

Is it ok to go out with a guy that went out with your sister?

If I were you I wouldn't go out with him,because what if he"messes up" with your sister said sweet things to your sister and now he's going to say the same thing to you!Anyway,I think it depends on you whether you want to go out with him.P.s-Try not to rub it on your sisters face that your going out with his x-boyfriend

Is your sister going to die?

what kinda question is that? i dont have one but everyone will die someday so yes unless some reason there immortal

Is the word going everyone a verb?

Going is a verb. Everyone is a pronoun.

Who is zoey going out with?

shes not going out with anybody because her boyfriend got in a accidant shes not going out with anybody because her boyfriend got in a accidant

What does out going mean?

Going on a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend

Is the word everyone singular or plural?

I believe it is singular. Because you would say, "Everyone is going out together after the show," not "Everyone are going out together after the show." Or, "I think everyone is going to love the party favors," not, "I think everyone are going to love the party favors." The verb is singular, so "everyone" must be singular.

My boyfriend hangs out with another girl what do I do?

Ask your boyfriend what's going on with them

Does Andy 6 has girlfriend?

nope, he's single atm. but either way its not like anything is going to happed sorry to burst your bubble

Is Britney Spears going out with anyone?

shes going out with her boyfriend

Is Selena gomez going to have a baby sister or brother?

Yes, Selena Gomez is going to have a new brother or sister

Is Jake t Austin going to be your boyfriend?

my boyfriend? i hope so in the future!

Could you correct this sentence of going to watch movie later with my boyfriend and brother?

I'm going to watch movie with my boyfriend and my brother after this.

I heard Carrie Underwood broke up with her NRL boyfriend and there have been a few rumors about who she is going out with and who is he?

My sister works with the host of The Doctors, and the host, Travis Stork, is dating Carrie Underwood.

What is the difference between dating someone and being their girlfriend or boyfriend?

you can date more than one person if u are refering to going on dates. so it doesnt mean that u are girlfriend/boyfriend with everyone you date. usually people refer to dating as being someones girlfriend/boyfriend if there are no other people that they are dating.

Is it normal for a boyfriend to just smile at you in the hall?

Everyone has their own opinion.In my perspective, a boyfriend should come up to you and give you a hug/kiss. If they are going in the same direction as you, then they should walk you to you class first.In my school you always see the guys going out of their way for their girlfriends. They walk them to class then go back the other direction to get to their class.A boyfriend should spend every special moment they can with you. Even if they are with their friends!!!!

Should you be worried if your boyfriend vacations with an old girlfriend?

if they are going by themselves YES! especailly if she is not dating anyone else... if he is going with her and her boyfriend then probably not...

Is Zendaya Coleman going to get married with her boyfriend?

she does not have a boyfriend and what type of question is this she is only 14

What if your sisters boyfriend is liked by you but you love your sia also and dont want to hurt her?

I advise you to find someone else. No need to go after your sister's boyfriend.Advice by other contributors:He's her boyfriend, so if you don't want to hurt her, look for other guys. There's plenty out there, and I'm 100% sure there is someone who is much better for you than the boy your sister is dating.You don't have much other choice, since if you try to get him, you are definitely going to hurt your sister. If they break up by themselves, he won't want to date the sister of his ex.

How do you get revenge on your older sisters boyfriend?

Sometimes your older sister's boyfriend can be really mean to you, and that can really get you steamed. So, here are some ways to get revenge on him. 1. If he brings something, hide it. Once he starts asking, wait until he's not looking then put it somewhere really simple where he can find it. This will get him so embarrassed! 2. If your sister and her boyfriend are going on a date, tell him some random time and then ask him to ask your sister if he doesn't believe you. Then when he does, your sister should say, " Oh my gosh, don't you know? It's at _________ ! ( Time ) Note: It may not work if they're like, two lovebirds. 3. Fill his shoes up with something. ( Whipped cream, honey, shampoo, etc. ) Then when he leaves? He'll freak out! Note: The messier, the better! 4. Tell your sister that her boyfriend is planning to dump her and she should act fast . She might dump him first! Note: It might not work if your sister hates you and won't believe you or if she asks her boyfriend if he really is going to dump her. 5. Replace one of his stuff with something else. Note: If it feels like the replaced item, then that's good. Then he'll notice less. These are all the ways that YOU can get revenge on your sister's boyfriend! Please comment if this helped you! Warning: Be prepared for revenge from your sister or her boyfriend. They might find out!

Is 'my sister and I' the correct form or is it 'my sister and me'?

If it was "please don't bother my sister and ___."It would be me, but if it was "My sister and ___ are going to the movies," it would be I.

You are in highschool and you are going to an Imagine Dragons concert with your boyfriend what should you wear?

Just wear anything colorful if you are going to the Imagine Dragons concert with your boyfriend.

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