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Dear Reader: You want to know if she might be with child? Acording to the information in your question, less then one in a million. Dwight

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What are the Chances of pregnancy using withdrawal method on ovulation day?


What are the chances of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method on ones 20th day of her cycle?

Your chances are nearly 100%!

What are the chances of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method on day 16 of your menstrual cycle?

Your chances are EXTREMELY high!

What are the odds of getting pregnant if you use the withdrawal method the day after she stops bleeding?

The withdrawal method is not contraception, but the chances of pregnancy are very low at this stage in a woman's cycle.

If a person has sex 5 times in one night using pull out method what are the chances of getting pregnant?

The chances are that you will get pregnant as the withdrawal method is highly unreliable.

What are the chances of being pregnant 2-3 days after sex when have used the withdrawal method?

the withdrawal method is not a terribly safe method even when it is done right as sperm can escape before orgasm.

Chances to get pregnant with withdrawal method 1 week before your period?

normally none.

What are chances of being pregnant using withdrawal method?

The percentage is very high in the withdrawl method, you could get pregnant soon.

What are the chances of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method on day 7 of your menstrual cycle?

The withdrawal method has a high failure rate. But because you was on the last day of your period then it is unlikely you will become pregnant hun.

Your partner and you have been using the withdrawal method for years and have not fallen pregnant could this be a sign of infertility?

Could be.

How can I increase the time of sperm discharging?

Prepare your partner to climax, practice breath rhythmically , apply withdrawal method till partner demands, hold till partner compells you to clear the gun.

What are the chances of getting pregnant using a spermicide and the pull out method?

FORGET withdrawal because it's NOT reliable. Use a condom instead.

If a woman and man in their 40s use the withdrawal method what are the chances of getting pregnant?

I've read that women over age 35 have a harder time conceiving so that might work in your favor, but using the withdrawal method at any age is always risky.

Is withdrawal method can cause a nervous breakdown?

NO, the withdrawal method does not cause any nervous breakdowns.

Does the withdrawal method really work?

It's unreliable, since you have to have faith in your partner that he will withdraw in the heat of passion and that pre-ejaculate can still get you pregnant.

You are thirty five smoke drink and am overweight what are the chances of you getting pregnant using the withdrawal method?

If you are thirty-five, smoke, drink, and are overweight, your first question should be "What are my chances of getting laid?"

If a girl was off the pill for about 2 or 3 weeks and she and her partner used the pull out method and she started having pregnant like symptoms could she be pregnant?

Yes. My sister is a withdrawal method baby. If you are in doubt and over due do a test so that you can either stop stressing or so that you can have time to think and get organised.

What was the withdrawal method at Gallipoli?

The withdrawal method used at Gallipoli was the evacuation method. The ANZAC troops used auto firing rifles to cover the retreat.

Is it safe to have a sex at the 7nth day of your period using withdrawal method?

Most likely, but don't ever use the "withdrawal" method. Your risk of becoming pregnant is exponentially higher, so either tell your partner to wear a condom or get a prescription for birth control if you're going to be sexually active.

Could you be pregnant if you have been having light cramps after your period and your boyfriend used the withdrawal method and then he wiped you with his hands?

Withdrawal method has the same risk of pregnancy as the non-withdrawal method. So yes you can be pregnant.

Why is it that withdrawal method can make a girl thin?

There's NO connection between diet and the withdrawal method. The girl has to be on a healthy diet to lose weight, and the withdrawal method should NOT be used, because it's NOT birth control

What are the chances of getting pregnant when pulling out?

Hi. Pulling out is known as the withdrawal method and this does put the woman at risk of pregnancy. When you are trying not to conceive, always use a condom.

Is withdrawal method can be pregnant?

Yes. Withdrawal is the WORST decision anyone can make.

Is withdrawal method makes you forgetfullness?


How effective is withdrawal and the rhythm method?

Age makes no difference, withdrawal is NOT a method of birth control and you have a 30% chance of getting pregnant.