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Is it 1 and a half inches long when it is limp or erect? If it is that length limp (soft) that is pretty normal but if it is that length when it is erect it is a little smaller than average. However if you were a bit late starting puberty then it still has plenty of time to increase in length, so don't worry too much about it.

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Q: Your penis is 1 and a half inches long and im 14 is this normal?
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Are you normal or are you weird if you are 24 and your penis is 13 inches long?

A normal 24 year old would have a penis of between 5 and 7 inches long.

Is your Penis Small It is 5 and a half inch long and iam 16?

No, your penis is not small. In fact, 5 and half inches is more than normal for a 16 year old boy.

Your penis is one and a half inches thick and five and a half inches long is that normal im 14?

what can i say, your penis is a penis. nothing special. if it was 1.5 inches long and 5 inches thick it would be a problem. you must be going through those curious years just as everyone does. don't worry things will get more normal after pubertydidnt you hit pubertyChange the subjuect people!!! Haha that's digusting!--------NicieMarie

What if your penis is four and a half inches long and im sixteen is this normal?

Penises come in all shapes and sizes - don't worry about it!

Is your penis a normal size for your age you are 14 and your penis is 7.4 inches long and 5.8 inches in girth is this normal for your age age?

Depends on your body build

Is a 3 and a half inch penis normal for a 13-year-old when soft?

The average adult soft penis is only 3 inches long, so you're above average. But the more important question is how long is your erect penis? The average adult is 5.4 inches.

You are 13 and your penis is 8 inches long is this normal?

Above Average.

What does it mean if your penis is 9 and a half inches long?

It means your a lucky guy.

Is five inches normal before puberty?

If your penis is five inches long, then you have already started puberty. The normal size of a pre-pubertal penis is around 3cm, which is about 1 inch.

If my penis is 1 and a half inches long and I'm 14 will it still grow?


Your name is Daniel Hamill and your penis is two inches long is that normal?

what? that's not normal! Theres something wrong with you!

I am 15 and my penis is 6 inches long is that good?

no. 8 inches is the normal size for 15 year olds... sorry

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