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You can have a false negative but not a false posative. I would go to have a doc perform a test on you if you're concerned at all, better safe than sorry :)

2006-08-03 02:57:13
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How do you tell when your first period is coming?

You may start feeling moody and stomach will be hurting.

1 home pregnancy test negative 1 doctor pregnancy test negative still no period after 6 weeks?

im in the same boat, did 7 preganancy test all negative, doctor did one yesterday negative but my period is one week late feel moody,bloated,cramps and sensitive breasts, so orried cannot be preg rite now. with my son i showed up few days after my missed period. hope it side effects of the pill

You have stopped the pill and find that you are moody bloated and very tired Is this normal?


How do you feel when your about to get your period?

You may feel slightly irritable (moody)Your stomach might look slightly bloatedYou may get headachesYou may get body achesYou may get a whitish dischargeand many moreWhen you are on your period, different things happen. You might be vomiting a lot or might feel slightly dizzy. You may crave sweet or savoury things like chocolates or biscuits.

What are the signs of having your period?

Headaches, sometimes cramping, moody, tired, achy body/back, stomach pain, weakness, nausia and bloating

What are signs you might be pregnant?

1. Sore breasts 2. Being very moody ( i cried a lot for no apparent reason) 3. Bloated stomach 4. Missed period (this is maybe why you are even thinking you are pregnant) 5. Craving a certain food 6. Aversion to certain foods and/or smells very very very strong sense of smell

Why are girls so moody?


What are signs of your period coming?

Guys, this is awkward don't read this.You'll get cramps, (in your stomach) you'll get moody/emotional, you might get migraines, and for some people, more discharge will come out right before your period.

Are girls more moody after first period?

i guess so, i had my first period yesterday and until today I'm so moody!

Why is your friend so moody?

She's on her period.

What is it like getting your period?

Like heck!! You get cramps, feel bloated, can't go swimming unless you use a tampon (which I personally am too chicken to do), and it's frustrating because you get moody. Also, it can ruin your underwear if it catches you off gaurd.

Why do i feel nausea moody bloated tired dizzy at times and sick feeling over the smell of tooth paste and leaking breast?

ur pregnant

I have been having bad stomach cramps and can't eat is this a sign of my period starting?

Hey people are they signs ? i don't know Yes there is signs 1. You get Cramps frequently 2. You get moody

What causes a girl to be on her period for a long time?

they are moody and nasty

Took a pregnancy test two days before period due it was negative you have very sore breasts and pimples around your aerola and iam very moody could you be pregnant?

Sorry But Eww

How do you know if you are about to start your period?

you will have recations such as being more moody and so on.

Sex was one week ago feel bloated but am not slight cramping PMS-y moody tired hungry dizzy when first laying down home test negative could I be pregnant?

sometime hpt don't work if you have low hcg..if you still haven't had a period --then you should go to your doctor and ask for a blood test--a blood test will tell you -you're pregnant or not even if you have a low hcg--good luck

Why is your girlfriend moody?

if she loves you but sometimes she's moody that meens that she is on her period, so treat her well and dont ever annoy her or she will get angry really fast.. when i get my period i feel like i dont even wanna talk

What are some things that lead to the spread of the Enlightenment period?

they get moody at that time of the month

What are the signs of having your period or the signs of pregnancy?

Period: Cramps Headaches Nausea Diarrohea Tired Emotional and moody Pregnancy: Missed period Headaches Dizziness Feeling sick and actually being sick Exhausted Positive pregnancy test Emotional and moody Needing to pee more

How can you tell if a girl is on her period?

if she is moody or constantly going to the bathroom. or if there are "blood" stains on her clothes.

What are the symptoms of your period?

Bloating Cramping Feel Tired sick moody Discharge Dizzy

How do you know when your starting your period?

You might get a little moody, cramps, bleeding, back aches.

You are 4 days late for your period and you are gettin mucus could you be pregnant?

im not feeling good my boobs nd the brown spot has change its darker nd ifell different nd i get moody im late in my period and i took 2test already nd thy came out negative

For about two months Ive had trouble sleeping gassy and bloated a bit of weight gain very sleepy moody heartburn indigestion no missed period and negative pregnancy test can I still be preg?

if you havent missed your period than you are most likely not pregnant, but there are such things as false negatives on pregnancy tests and around 2 months is the time frame for those to be common. The symptoms however, you normally wouldn't be feeling most of those this early in a pregnancy, it could be your diet causing the problems. You should go to a professional for a pregnancy test if you think your pregnant.