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it could be sign that you are pregnant if i iwas you take a test i about a week, those symptoms can mean other things like a low iron deficincy, or you are low in fibre but take a test to be sure hope everhing works out

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Did van Gogh have extreme diahreea?

Most people have had diarrhea. but nothing can prove that hid had EXTREME diarrhea.

What are the consequences if chickenpox is ingested?

extreme diarrhea

What causes extreme fatigue and headaches?

Richard for health

Is it normal for poop to leak from your butt?

Only if you have an extreme case of diarrhea.

Can headaches lead to death?

Only if preceded by extreme blunt trauma or the headache is from hemorrhaging.

Why are liquids so important in treating diarrhea?

Diarrhea dehydrates the body - in extreme cases to the point of death - so liquid is very important in managing this.

True or false Extreme dehydration vomiting and diarrhea can result in a potassium deficiency?


What is osmotic diarrhea?

Osmotic diarrhea is a combination of regular diarrhea and extreme pressure in the anus. This pressure can cause the diarrhea to push out uncontrollably in a sometimes volcanic fashion. It involves too much water into the bowel movement system. Sometimes caused by osmotic laxatives.

What are some of the possible negative effects of drought and extreme heat?

some of the possible negative effects of drought and extreme heat is that it will lead do poor production in terms of agriculture.

What is the best cod4 xbox live gun?

Assault Class - MP44, RPG'S, Juggernaut, Dead Silence. SMG - MP5, Claymore, Stopping Power, Dead Silence. Shotgun - M1014, RPG'S, Juggernaut, Extreme Conditioning. LMG - RPD, Grip, Stopping power, Extreme Conditioning. Sniper - M40a3, Claymore, Stopping power, Steady Aim.

Can skydiving cause headaches?

Yes, being an extreme sport skydiving causes high level of emotions. It's possible to cause headaches or other health problems to people who aren't in good health. However headaches are in no way a typical problem caused by skydiving.

What is stopping scientists from drilling to the center of the earth?

Primarily, the lack of a good reason to do so, and the extreme heat.

How can one know if one is paranoid of something?

One can know if the person has the following symptoms, extreme worry or restlessness, anxiety or nausa, headaches, extreme fear of a coming or past event.

Why do you get severe headaches when you stand up?

Simple answer, Gravity. When standing up, the force of your blood goes down, to your extremeties, thus, with the loss of very little blood in your head, you get minor headaches, but nothing extreme.

How temperature effect the enzyme reaction?

Too extreme of temperature can denature an enzyme (which is a protein), thus stopping its reactions.

What causes extreme salt cravings aside from sodium deficiency?

Dehydration Diarrhea tounge cravings High heat ,sultry conditions

Can an RH negative person donate blood?

Approximately 15% of the population is Rh negative. All Rh negative blood types are in extreme shortage and always needed.

What prominent Confederate general suffered from terrible headaches which contributed to worsen his already extreme irritable temper?

Sounds like Braxton Bragg

What are symptoms for parvo?

The most common symptoms for Parvo are as follows:Bloody diarrheaFoul smell diarrheaYellow diarrheaVomitingLoss of appetite leading to refusal to eatHigh feverExtreme lethargy, complete lack of energy"Depressed" attitudes instead of normal excited puppy energyDehydration

Effect of extreme cold and hot weather on Plants?

Extreme cold and hot weather effects plants in a negative way. This is because the organelles in the plants can not function in extreme cold and hot temperatures.

What is the difference between 'extreme' and 'very difference'?

Extreme is a more powerful version of "very". It also has a negative undertone - "extreme" generally has the implication of "something being so above/below average that it could have bad consequences".

What are signs of brain tumors?

severe and constant vomiting, siezures, extreme headaches, and mental status changes (drastically dumber and, in rare cases, smarter)

What are the effects of hypoxia?

Hypoxia has many different effects of the human body. Some of which include: nausea, headaches, faintness, extreme lethargy and brain dysfunction.

What importance are emotions to mental health?

They, generally, are the most important factor. Extreme stress due to a massively tragic, or life threatening event can cause PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. This can cause flashbacks to the event, phobias, and even, in some cases, desensitization. Extreme sadness and/or can cause depression, which can cause suicide, anger, self mutilation, headaches and other pains. Basically, any negative emotion in moderate amounts is natural, but in extreme amounts it can be very harmful to your health, physically and mentally.

What does Aspartame cause?

It has been linked to many different illnesses or conditions. These include weight gain, headaches, dizziness, and in extreme cases tumors and even cancer.