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Yes. However, if you used protection, your chances of being pregnant are decreased.

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Q: Your period was on the 18th and you had unprotected sex on the 23rd can you be pregnant?
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You had unprotected sex 7-9 havent had a period since you took two different pregnancy test and they came back negative also had unprotected sex on July 23rd if you became pregnant on the 23rd could i?

There is always a chance. If you still haven't had your period, and the tests keep coming back negative, I would take a blood test. Home pregnancy test can be highly unreliable (to compare, they have a lower success rate at predicting pregnancies, than the pill has at preventing them)

Last month I got my period on the 23rd and it's 2 of February I did a preggo test and came negative is it still possible to be pregnant?

If you had your period, there should be no problems?

I had period 23rd of august.then i had intercourse at 2nd of September can you get pregnant?

Yes you can. It only takes 1 month to be able to deliver again.

Why are you bleeding 9 days before your actual period?

Ive been having unprotected sex.. my last period was may 23rd but i started bleeding April 15. But it only lastest for 2 days and it wasnt constant blood flow more like when i wiped or on my pantiliner it was brown and stretchy and red then pink then brown day before i started this i had unprotected sex and my boyfriend ejaculated in me he has before but tests results say negative and this started in Jan can i be pregnant this time?

You started taking birth control for the first time on the 23rd of february and you missed 3 days which you were having unprotected sex and your bf ejaculated inside of you you then started taking th?

I started taking birth control for the first time on the 23rd of february and i missed the first 3 days after my period stoped. I bega taking them again and i missed the 12th day on the days that i missed my boyfriend ejaculated inside me and on other days we have unprotected sex, i am not sure if i could be pregnant. the other day i went to pee and when i wipe i saw pale blood, my stomach was cramping me all day. my period is shedule to come o the 23rd of march so i will sit and wait but i want to know i i could be.

What seven presidents came from the state of Ohio?

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If your period was on the started on the 23rd of November and lasted 5 days when will your nxt period be?

December 23

If your due date is may the 23rd then what day did you get pregnant?

Roughly August 30th

What is the date 8 weeks ago?

8 weeks before the 18th of July, when the question was asked, is the 23rd of May.

You had intercourse on 22nd and 23rd of last month Yesterday when you had intercourse again and you got your periods today Can you be still pregnant?

Answer: No. Your period is when the layer of tissue on the wall of your uterus breaks down and flushes out. Your body even discharges the ovum(egg) indicating that you were not pregnant.

If your girlfriend has her period between the 17TH and the 23RD each month when is the best time to have sex so she won't get pregnant?

Never! It's not worth the risk. Assume she can always get pregnant and use proper reliable birth control such as the Pill, the Mirena coil or sterilisation.

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