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it depends where it is leaking from and if you can id the source of the leake Buy some sellotape and wrap it around all parts until the leak stops. Then add a spoiler.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-20 22:06:15
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Q: Your peugeot 306 14 XL engine is leaking oil what is the cheapest way to get it fixed?
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Is it true that you cant get a Cadillac Seville head gasket fixed and you can only get a new engine?

Probably not. This repair can be done with out having to replace the engine, unless the leaking head gasket has caused other engine damage.

Valve head gasket is leaking oil?

Sometimes a leaking valve cover gasket can be fixed by simply retorquing the bolts to their proper torque. If that doesn't solve the problem, the gasket will have to be replaced as per your engine manufacturer's specifications.

What needs fix if my chevy caprice leaking fumes?

If your vehicle is leaking fumes, then your gas tank needs to be fixed.

What does it mean when coolant is leaking from the car?

If coolant is leaking from a car it means that your radiator has a hole in it. If this is not fixed the car will over heat.

Where can one find the cheapest fixed mortgage?

The best place to find the cheapest fixed mortgage rate is at your local financial institution. Speaking to a representative at the bank is the easiest way to obtain a quote.

How can I get a leaking water heater fixed?

A leaking water heater can be very dangerous and should not be used if it is leaking. Also, you should clean the leakage and keep it away from any other electronics.

How do you repair oil leak on a 2005 Yamaha raptor 660?

It depends on where it is leaking. The more common leaks will be fixed by replacing o-rings. The most common leak on these engines is the countershaft or sprocket seal. These are replaced by removing the sprocket and the spacer and popping the seal out. There is a small o-ring in there as well that will cause a leak if damaged. The oil lines are sealed by o-rings replace if leaking. The oil plug can leak, replace the copper gasket. If the engine is leaking from the top end a gasket kit will be necessary. If the engine is leaking between the case halves, the engine will have to be removed and completely disassembled.

Ford Transit diesel pump is leaking diesel can you fix it?

l have a 52 transit it was leaking diesel when running had pump fixed 640

Where is the glow plug relay switch on a Peugeot 106 L reg?

The glow plug relay is the 'black box' unit fixed to the side of the coolant header tank (LHS engine bay as you look at it).

Green fluid leak right side?

engine coolant leaking, get fixed immediately. cut the engine off and look underneath the truck, then have a friend squeeze the hose, and if you're lucky it will start to come out more with a spray(so obviously do it when your engine is cold), then you can find your leak and fix it.

Is it normal for a dog to be leaking out of her nipples a few days after being fixed?

its fine

Prviate tenant had the leaking pipe fixed by plumber still not working?

What is the question?

What if the tansmission fluid is leaking on 2006 cobalt?

Better get it fixed right away

Why would your 1 year dachshund is leaking fluid she has been fixed?

Because it has just been fixed so its blatter might get hit

Engine over heats white smoke exhaust?

White smoke in the exhaust is water leaking into a piston and turning into steam. You have a leak somewhere in your engine. Your engine may overheat because you are low on coolant. You have run it out through your exhaust pipe. Soon your engine will catch fire and burn up, but you will have saved money by not getting it fixed.

What do you do if brake fluid and clutch fluid is leaking from Honda accord?

take it to the shop to get fixed!

Other than blown head gasket and bad water pump what would make water pour out of the side of the engine on a 98 sunfire 2.2?

frost plug is craked or leaking do not drive get fixed now

What are possible causes of gas in your oil on your 94 Isuzu rodeo?

Leaking injectors, and bad fuel pressure regulator are two things. Get this fixed ASAP. Serious engine damage will occur if you continue to drive it in this condition.

My 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee's radiator is leaking. Will I damage my car by driving it locally?

A leak can turn major in a hurry. If it overheats just a little too much it will ruin the engine. Have it fixed as soon as possible

Why is your car still leaking power steering fluid and you just got it fixed?

If you got it fixed at a repair shop or a dealer I'd take it back and have them fix it. If you fixed it yourself, it could be as simple as that you forgot to replace an o-ring on the power steering pump line.. If I knew where it was leaking, I could help you pin point the problem.

If Heater core is bad on a 1984 Mazda GLC will car overheat?

Not necessarily. It depends on what you mean by a bad heater core. The core will either be leaking or stopped up. If it is leaking, then it can cause the engine to overheat and the only fix is to replace it. A clogged or plugged heater core can sometimes be fixed by flushing it. You can also temporarily bypass the heater core until you can get it fixed. Just connect the inlet & outlet heater hoses together.

Why is my Peugeot 106 power steering pump not working?

im sorry to say but the peugeot 106 pump always goes on the car it can be easily be fixed! go to a scrap yard and you can get the pump for £90 goodluck

Why is engine light on and engine sputters?

If this occurs, then it means that there is a problem with you engine. A mechanic can figure out how your engine should be fixed.

What can cause gas to get into the crankcase on a 97 Pontiac 4-cylinder fuel injected 2.2?

Possible causes of fuel in crankcase are: Leaking injector at shutdown, flooding of the engine due to hard starting, defective fuel pressure regulator. A fuel pressure check for drop of fuel pressure at shut down will verify if an injector is leaking. Get this fixed ASAP, and stop driving the car until you do. Fuel in the crankcase will cause severe engine wear and destroy this engine. Change the oil and filter if you have to drive it anywhere for repair.

Can certain engine parts be fixed?


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