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Turn your headlights on and try start the engine, if they don't dim then the problem is still in the starter motor. If you bought the motor 2nd hand, maybe try exchanging it or check it has been refitted properly. Ive currently got the same problem with my xsi, bu haven't had a chance to fit a new one because of the weather here.

When you replaced the starter did you also replace the starter solenoid? I had the same symptoms on my 306, starter wouldn't turn, battery was OK and headlights worked. Road service was able to start the car by bypassing the starter solenoid. I replaced the solenoid (and the starter because they're sold together) and fixed the problem.

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Q: Your peugeot 306 20 16v year 2000 wont turn over you have all the ignition lights on but the stater motor will not turn over have just replaced the starter but problem still present?
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How can in get the key to turn in the ignition of a 2009 Chevy Cobalt?

I have 2008 and had same problem the ignition had to be replaced was really fast less than an hour they did it.

Why is it when I replaced my ignition switch in my Cadillac Catera my car just cranks and cranks but will not start?

its not your ignition its your crankshaft sensor that's the same problem i had.

Why does the battery warning light come on when the ignition is switched off?

I had this problem on my disco 1. Turned out to be the alternator, which was replaced and the problem was fixed.

I have a 1997 Ford Aspire that I replaced the ignition switch. I now dont have any fire to the ignition. Is there a problem with the ignition module or the ECM?

are all the connection plug in on the switch and did you have fire before replaceing switch

What could be wrong if a 1996 Buick LeSabre starts and drives then will not start again?

I had the same problem with a 1992 Park Avenue with the 3800 engine. I first replaced the electronic ignition but that did not fix the problem. I then replaced the crankshaft heat sensor. That fixed my problem.

What do you do if your key is stuck in the ignition of a994 buick regal. the ignition will not turn to the lock position for me to remove the key?

Well, it sounds like the chip that is in your key may have broke or got stuck on a part of the ignition. I had that problem. This happened not long after I had had to have the ignition replaced?!?

How get 406 peugeot started as immoblizer will not work?

Had the same problem on my 406 coupe 3.0ltr-Try turning on ignition and pressing the keyfob-worked for me, good luck!

Fitting a radio in peugeot 306 put in code code ok after switching ignition of you have to re enter code what is the problem?

the radio has message error 6

Why does my 98 Chevy 2500 keep stalling then it won't start?

bad ignition switch. had the same problem until I replaced it.

1989 Z24 2.8 Cavalier problem car runs for 10 min then shuts off no spark. When cool will start replaced coils ignition module computer plugs and wires.?

Since you've replaced everything else associated with the ignition, try replacing the crankshaft position sensor. I'd bet that's your problem.

1999 ford explorer radio stays on when ignition is off?

I have the same year Explorer and my radio had the same problem... The problem was in the radio and it just needed to be replaced with a new one.

2001 Kia sephia with an intermittant starting problem Sometimes the startere just ticks and then sometimes it starts I replaced the starter and battery both Why?

I have just came up on this same problem with my 2000 Kia. Turns out it was the Ignition switch. $160.00 to have it replaced.

What does plip battery mean on peugeot 307?

The PLIP battery on the Peugeot 307 means that the battery is in need of charging. It can also mean there is a problem with the battery cables or the battery needs to be replaced. Not replacing the battery when necessary can also cause problems for the alternator.

When you turn the key on your 1999 Dodge Durango you get nothing Have replaced the starter Battery and wires good What could be the problem?

Sounds like the ignition switch.

You have no power from ignition Starter is good replaced ignition switch with key in on position you can jump syllinoid to starter with screwdriver and car starts no problem 1994 beretta?

Could be a faulty ground wire. Not very rare to happen

What causes the ignition switch to rotate without powering up the ignition system and not starting on a 1984 Chevrolet pickup with tilt steering?

If your battery is fully charged and the connections are clean and tight, the problem is probably that the contacts in the switch are corroded or worn, meaning your ignition switch will have to be replaced.

Why does your Es300 Lexus sometime start and sometime hard to start?

I had the same problem before. All I hear is a click when I try to turn the ignition on. I just replaced the starter motor and never had that problem again.

86 mercury grand marquis stalls at stop signs and red lights. Car restarts immediately. Car runs fine in neutral or park.?

I experienced a problem with a 84 Grand Marquis that would stall at stops. Found that the ignition switch in the steering column had separated that caused the stalling problem. Replaced the ignition switch that solved the problem.

How do you use ignition in a sentence?

the ignition switch is the problem with this vehicle.

How to fix my 92 Cadillac Seville it keeps informing you starting disable wait three minutes?

the ignition switch is bad. you have to replace the ignition switch and you will have to have a new key made with it. i just replaced it in my 1992 seville. that will solve your problem.

I have a Problem with your Peugeot Expert 2001 van's key fob The central locking will work by key but will not work by remote They battery has been replaced any ideas?

Unlike any other of the peugeot range of key fobs this one has to be reprogrammed by dealer, mine charged me £68 + vat..

Idling speed problem of peugeot 406?

A bad coolant temperature sensor is one thing that could cause an idling speed problem with a Peugeot 406. There could also be a problem with the idle control valve.

Why does the Service Ignition light come on?

you have an engine/ignition problem. HAve a garage read the codes and diagnose the problem soon.

My 95 Nissan altima Standardis not getting electricity through the spark plug wires new wires just put in replaced the ignition coil just got a new distrib cap what could be the problem?

maybe ignition modual

Your key wont turn ignition What is problem?

its either the starter or your ignition