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If your rabbit is fat, it needs to lose weight. Obesity is very hard on a rabbit's organs, skeletal structure, and even skin (because an obese rabbit isn't able to properly groom itself, skin infections can result). Talk to your vet about how to safely reduce your rabbit's weight soon! The vet can also tell you whether or not the rabbit is pregnant.

Orange urine is usually not a sign of anything wrong with rabbits. Rabbit urine naturally changes colour from clear, to pale yellow, to dark yellow, to bright orange, to darker rusty orange/red -- different reasons can include hormones, food they've eaten, mild dehydration, and even weather changes! If you aren't sure whether or not your rabbit's urine is normal, have your vet test it just to make sure.

Blood coming out of a rabbit's genitalia is never normal and always a sign of illness or injury! If you think your rabbit is urinating blood, have her urinate on a white towel instead of her usual litter: if the red colour appears evenly spread throughout the urine, that's fine, it's not blood; but, if the red colour is in blotches, that is blood and your rabbit needs a vet as soon as possible!

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Q: Your rabbit is quite fat and did an orange wee yesterday is she pregnant?
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