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This happened to me when i was installing a new one. Check ALL of the fuses under the hood and the under the driver side panel near where your left foot would go when driving

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Q: Your radio will come on but there is no sound from the speakers?
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Why will the radio light up change stations etc but no sound will come from the speakers on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Because its old.

What are the energy changes in a radio?

Electric (from the wall) to sound (speakers).

Which fuse in the fuse box control the sound from the speakers in a 2004 Chevy Impala?

The radio is fused Not the speakers. If you have a problem then the radio is the culprit.

What is wrong when the radio is on but there's no sound?

The speakers are probably not connected or the wiring from the speakers to the receiver are faulty.

2000 mitsubish galant radio and CD player sound will intermittenly turn itself off and will turn the sound back on when it feel's like it. could this be the speakers a loose wire or the radio?

i have a 2001 mitsubish my radio want come on either

Why does your 1995 BMW 740i radio comes on but has no sound?

Your wires are not connected from your radio to speakers probally

Why do speakers have holes?

to let the sound come out.

Why would the radio functions work on a 2005 sierra but no sound chimes or odometer display?

because the chimes dont come from your stereo speakers, they come from inside the dash

No sound on radio unit lights up BMW528?

Speakers blown? or grounded out?

How does the sound come out when you use headphones?

it connects to the speakers.....

Does a sound device come with speakers?

It depends on what type of sound device you buy. Some have speakers while others don't.

Which type of sound makes it possible for different sounds to come out of different speakers?

Stereo sound makes it possible for different sounds to come out of different speakers.

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