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Q: Your recipe calls for 3 T minced garlic and you only have garlic powder How much do you use?
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What can be substituted for garlic?

garlic powder (Supv Note: Well, that would be garlic, now, wouldn't it?)ANS:Nothing really substitutes well for garlic. You might try minced leeks (which are relatives of garlic) in a recipe that calls for garlic if you are substituting because the garlic taste doesn't appeal to you.

How much Dried minced onion vs onion powder?

The ratio of dried minced onion to onion powder for cooking is three to one. For example, if your recipe calls for three teaspoons of dried minced onion, you may substitute one teaspoon of onion powder.

How can i prepare garlic in a recipe that calls for 2 cups of roasted minced garlic?

Roast the trimmed and topped head, then cool and squeeze the roasted head. Voila, roasted, minced garlic. Two cups should be about a dozen heads, depending upon variety and head size.

If a recipe calls for flour does it mean self rising or plain flour?

If a recipe calls for flour with no mention in the recipe for salt or baking powder then you can use self-rising

When a recipe calls for minced garlic do they mean fresh or from a jar?

You can use either fresh or jarred, it doesn't really matter. I use jarred only if I have no time to chop it myself. Fresh always tastes better, tho!

How much garlic a restaurant must add in food?

Restaurants don't have to add any garlic. But of course they'll use it if the recipe calls for it.

Can you use garlic salt in place of a clove of garlic in a recipe?

It wouldn't be recommended unless you're looking for a really salty taste. Keep in mind that garlic salt is mostly salt with just some garlic flavor to it. If the recipe calls for salt, you might want to reduce or eliminate it if you're going to use garlic salt in place of garlic. If the recipe doesn't call for salt, garlic salt is probably not the best option.

Can you use baking powder in cookies if the recipe calls for baking soda?

No, you cannot baking powder and baking soda are used for different purposes.

If you have baking soda do you have to use baking powder even if your recipe calls for it?

you can't substitute one for the other.

Do dutch cookies use baking soda or baking powder?

The recipe that I use calls for baking soda.

Why do you need baking soda in cookies?

Only if the recipe calls for it. Some recipes only call for Baking Powder. It is as simple as reading the recipe you have in front of you.

When making chocolate chip cookies what can you substitute for baking powder?

The original Nestlés Toll House cookies (chocolate chip cookies) recipe calls for baking soda, not baking powder. There is no substitute for baking soda or baking powder in a recipe. You have to have it.

If a recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of chili sauce how much chili powder would you use?

Half a teaspoon.

I have a recipe that calls for one envelope of baking powder. What is one envelope of baking powder?

It's 11g or 1 tablespoon It's 11g or 1 tablespoon

If a recipe calls for half an egg what do you do?

if a recipe calls for half an egg , what do you do?

Which coffee is used in baking cakes?

If your recipe calls for brewed coffee, you can use any coffee you would serve for someone to drink. If it calls for coffee powder or espresso powder, you can use any instant coffee you choose.

How much baking soda and baking powder should you use if your cake recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of salt?


How do you reduce muffin fat?

Depending on your recipe: You can replace eggs in the recipe with this formula (per egg): 1/4 cup applesauce or 1/2 banana 1 tsp. baking powder If your recipe calls for milk you can always use water, juice or rice milk. If your recipe calls for butter you can use margarine or shortening.

I have a recipe that calls for baking soda and baking powder. does that make sense?

I've run across that a few times, usually less soda than baking powder. Shouldn't be a problem.

Can you use all purpose flour for a cobbler recipe your recipe calls for self rising flour can you use all purpose flour?

If the recipe calls for baking soda or powder as well, you'll probably get away with using all purpose flour. Of course, you'll never know until you experiment.

Is adobo sauce a hot spice and if it is what can you use as a substitute for a recipe that calls for adobo sauce?

its a blend of garlic, oregano, and seasonings. I have a goya brand adobo and it has salt, garlic, oregano, black pepper, and turmeric. Hope that can help you.

I have a recipe that calls for a?


When baking a cake and the recipe asks for 2 teaspoon of salt how much baking soda or baking powder should you use?

You should use the amount that the recipe calls for. Usually it is a teaspoon or two.

How much baking powder should be added into one cup of high graded flour?

For what recipe? Don't do it unless the recipe calls for it because you could seriously mess up the baking chemistry.

What is a recipe for rum balls?

There are many recipes for rum balls. One recipe for rum balls is called the Food Network Rum Balls recipe. The recipe calls for sugar, cocoa powder, crushed vanilla wafers, dark rum, and light corn syrup.