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Your right turn indicator blinks too fast but only when the lights are on Left turn is fine all bulbs are fine and it works correctly when the headlights are off Any advice?


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2015-07-14 15:06:01
2015-07-14 15:06:01

I had a fast blink on the right turn signal of 96 Grand Cherokee. Initially, this indicates a bulb out. Sure enough, it was the passenger front bulb (not the one on the side). Took it in and had repair shop replace bulb since I was having other work done. Now the signal works fine, except when I turned on the parking lights (or headlights), the blink goes fast. Took it back in to repair shop, they replaced all three other front blinker bulbs. Still not fixed. Looked up on Internet, seems a common problem is using an 1156 instead of 1295na for the front blinker. Opened it up, found the 1156. Went to Napa auto parts, guy said it was an unusual bulb but he had one in the back. Popped it in, works as it should. .


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