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If your asking what to do, may I suggest, Moving out?

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Q: Your roommate is trying to steal your dog?
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If a dog bites the dog owner's roommate and the roommate was trying to play with the dog who is legally at fault?

It's your fault because it's your dog and you must have it under control at all times, no matter where you are or who is with/around the dog. You have to teach the dog that playing and playing rough is a bad thing. If the dog has severely injured your roommate and they sue, you are the one that has to pay the legal fees and may be required to put the dog down depending on what the court orders.

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If a dog bit a owners roommate who was trying to play with the dog who is at fault and what legal action if any can they take?

Not enough information to answer either part of the question--need to know more about history and circumstances.

How do you steal a dog?

Why would U want to steal a dog? Is it like your ex's or your neighbor's? lol that's nutty

Could you give me A sentence with roommate?

My roommate and I sat in our room, reading a Social Studies textbook together, trying to answer some questions for our test.

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In How do you Steal a Million what are Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn trying to steal?

A forged sculpture

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Realistic fiction

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description of georgina

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