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bad retractor

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Q: Your seat belt on your 91 lumina won't pull back in?
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How do you unlock seat belt retractor for a GMC Jimmy?

Pull the vinyl cover off of the seat belt, then roll the seat belt back on the roller.

How do you fold the rear seat in a 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

first pull the seat forward then release the back by the leverl on the siides of the back by the seat belt lap harness

How much is a seat belt ticket in Virginia?

A seat belt ticket in Virginia is about 25 dollars for not wearing a seat belt. A policeman can not pull you over just for a seat belt violation. He must observe another traffic offense in order to pull you over.

Do most people ride in back seat with no seat belt?

yes theiris no reason to wear a seat belt if your i n the back

Can the trunk be accessed from the back seat of a 1997 Chevy Lumina?

I have a 1997 Lumina LS and no, the trunk cannot be easily accessed via the rear seat.

How do you remove the backseat in your 97 Avalon?

You just pull upward on the front of the seat. The seat belt latches will slip down through the slots they are coming through in the seat bottom, then after you have them pushed through the slots just pull outward and the seat will come out. Putting it back in requires getting the seat belt latches back into and through the slots in the seat. The seat back is held in place by four bolts, two on each side and two that also hold the seat belt latches into the frame. There are slots at the top of the back so, after removing the bolts lift upwards until clear of those slots and remove. Putting it back is exactly the same in reverse.

How do you get the back of the back seat out?

Pull the lower seat out - push in & up to get it out. You should see a couple of bolts holding the upper portion on - on the bottom of the seat back. Pull those bolts and then pull up on the seat back to release it.

How can you fix a front driver's side seat belt that will not retract on your 91 lumina?

replave retractor

Does the back seat passenger have to wear a seat belt?

Yes everyone in a car has to wear a seat belt.

Location of hyradulic pump for convertible need diagram?

Don't have a diagram for you, but the pump is behind the back seat. Reach under seat on both sides and pull until bottom of seat comes up. Remove the seat belt bracket, and slide seat back off of the bolt. Pull seat up, and the hydraulic pump should be exposed.

Where is the ABS module in a 1996 Cabrio?

Under the rear seat. Open the rear from the rear. Reach in from the middle back of the seat between the two seat belt latches and pull it up.

How do you take the back seat out of a 1984 cutlass supreme?

easy, from the front push the bottom seat in or back then up to unhooked them from the floor, 2 locations (underneath from were one sits) then remove torx bolts holding seat belt buckels & back seat, finally lift up back seat and pull out..

How do you release a Peugeot 406 rear centre seat belt that is retracted and stuck tight?

hi,had similar problem,had to unbolt both sides of back of rear seat,to give better angle & gently pull it out, once fixed b4 putting seat down again,pull seat belt out & knot it,which will prevent it happening again

How do you disable the seat belt chime for 2005 dodge ram?

Buckle the seat belt around the back of the seat

Can a cop pull you over just for not having seat belt on in Arizona?

A cop can pull you over for not having a seat belt or anything else. Under the Patriot Act, they don't need a reason to pull you over.

2005 jeep grand Cherokee middle back seat belt locked how do I fix this?

I had the same problem and couldn't find the answer, so I tried it on my own and fixed it! Remove the bench seat cover, pull up the foam and expose the bolt that holds the seatbelt to the body. Unbolt it, allow the tension to pull the belt into the seat-back, and pull back out....tension is released! Replace the seat cover and you're done. Took me about 30 minutes, but with these instructions should be no more than a 20 minute job.

How do you fix a stuck seat belt in a 2000 dodge durango?

To fix a stuck seat belt on a 2000 Dodge Durango, pull on it to release its auto lock function. Pry off the plastic cover that hold the seat belt mechanism with the use of a screwdriver, loosen the stuck belt, and put back in place. ?æ

How do you untwist a seat belt?

Pull it all the way out and then you can untwist it.

How do you fold up the backseats in a Toyota 95 4runner?

On the back seats, there should be a pull cord located near the seat belt latches. If it is not there, they are probably shoved behind the seat cushion, in which case you will have to dig then out. That pull cord enables the whole seat cushion to fold forward allowing the seat back to fold completely down.

Where to install seat belts in the back seat back seat on a 1965 Impala?

There should be seat belt mounting points on the floor under the back seat.

How do you put the back seat down in a Daewoo Lanos?

there is a round put on the top corners of the seat. pull the pin up and simply fold the seat down. you will have to move the seat belt to the side to allow the seat to go down also.

How do you remove the back seat on a 2000 Mitsubishi mirage?

there are two clips along with bottom part of the back seat....pull it out and release it. and then you will find there are two screw on both sides next to the seat belt clip. unscrew them and push the seat up.....job done!!

How do you fix a seat belt in a 1984 Dodge Intrepid that will not roll back up?

replace the seat belt

How do you replace a rear seatbelt on a 91 PA if you have to remove the back seat how is that done?

Grasp rear SEAT CUSHION, force toward rear of vehicle then pull up. Do both right and left sides of seat. Seat belt anchor volts will be visable. SEAT BACK unbolts at the bottom.

Can the police pull you over for not wearing a seat belt in Idaho?