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She can do that. It is legally her car and according to the paperwork, the state will view it as "she was renting the car to you." She has every right to take the car away, it will hurt her credit if she can't come up with the money to make payments. You are obviously not responsible enough to own a car or you could have made a purchase on your own. Next time, purchase under your name so you are responsible and liable if a payment is missed.

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2006-03-19 17:22:47
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Q: Your sister took out a loan for a vehicle for you The loan is in her name and registration tags etc you didn't make payments to her for a few months now she says she is taking the vehicle back and sel?
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Your sister took out a loan for a vehicle for you loan is in her name and registration tags you didn't make payments to her for a few months now she says she is taking the vehicle back and sell it?

If lender's name is on the title as owner and/or lien holder they have the legal right to recover the vehicle and sell it if they choose to do so.

Can a car borrower add his sister to the vehicle registration if she is not on the loan?

NO Because there is a lien on it.

If you co-sign for an car loan and the car registration and insurance are in only your name and you make all of the payments and you have possession of the vehicle does the other person have any right to take the car?

You are confusing me. The primary borrower should have the registration, insurance, and possession of the vehicle, not the cosigner. I am currently going through a situation where I cosigned for a car for my sister. Due to her lack of making payments, I have hired an attorney to try to obtain possession of the vehicle. Both her and I are listed on the registration/title as 'or'. She has possession of the vehicle, the registration (which I obtained a copy of from the Motor Vehicle Office) and carries the insurance. My attorney tells me although I am on the title, registration, and loan, in oder to 'take' the car I have to go to court and have the judge issue a Writ of Possession. This being the case, depending on your state laws (I am in Florida), the other person would likely have to go to court to get the Writ of Possession to take the vehicle from you. I have learned the hard way (I am quite jaded because of this experience) the person who has the car in their possession has most of the rights - regardless of who is making the payments. Hope this helps. DON'T EVER CO-SIGN FOR A CAR FOR ANYBODY NO MATTER WHAT!!! PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!!

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How do you apply for a car title that has been lost and received from your sister who bought it but never registered it in her name and now wants to give it to you for payment for some work you did fo?

Since your sister never registered the vehicle to her name, she will have to contact the previous owner and ask him/her to apply for a duplicate title at your local tax assessor/vehicle registration office. Information required will be the vehicle make and model, the VIN, and the previous owner in whose name the vehicle was last registered. Other info may be needed.

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