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The driver At Fault is always responsible for damages incurred during an accident. The at fault insurance company is responsible for damages to your car.

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Q: Your son who has a car and his own car insurance used your car for the weekend he was in a accident the fault so far lies with the other driver whose insurance is responsible for the damages to your c?
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My son who has a car and his own car insurance used my car for the weekend and he was in an accident with no other cars involved but slid off road on ice whose insurance is responsible for damages?

Your insurance is responsible. Insurance is tied to the car, not the driver. That's why insurance on a Lamborgini is so much more expensive than the insurance on a Ford Focus.

If your daughter lives with you but while at her mom's for the weekend she was in an accident with their neighbor do you have to file on your insurance in Florida?

If she was driving your car, notify your agent. If it was her mom's car, then her insurance is responsible, and, of course, if your daughter was driving her own vehicle, she would have her own insurance.

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My son lives at school and comes home on the weekend and has his own liability insurance on his own car and he drives mine and has an accident which ins co pays?

Your auto insurance policy would cover this situation. Auto policies cover the automobile, not the driver. While it is true that there are "listed drivers" on auto policies, anyone that you allow to drive your car (and is legally able to), is in fact covered. It also goes back to the insurance concept of "insurable interest", meaning you must stand to lose something or suffer some type of loss to trigger coverage. As an example, you could not take out a life insurance policy on me, because if I were to die, you would not be impacted, financially or otherwise.

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