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If you are absolutely sure you do not have air trapped in your cooling system then you may have a defective gauge if you are getting heat through your heater. Usually I would say you have a coolant flow problem with either a stuck thermostat or a bad water pump but if you have heat from your heater, then you must have circulating coolant in your system. I would check the gauge or the sensor.

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If there's a temp sender for the ECU change it Firstly make sure nothing is causing overheating like coolant and water levels. It is common for the temperature sensor to be faulty and not turning on the cooling systems in time to prevent overheating. Be careful in diagnisis because the corsa's sensor will have to be located from underneath and might require a mechanic.

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Your 1996 Nissan maxima is overheating occasionally what should you do?

Overheating is due to, well, the coolant in the cooling system getting too hot. In a normally operating engine, this should never be a problem. First, check that the coolant level is correct. If it is correct, I would suspect a problem with the thermostat. When the engine is cold, the thermostat closes off coolant flow through the engine until the coolant reaches a pre-determined temperature. When that temperature is reached, the thermostat opens to allow the coolant to circulate at that exact temperature. Thermostats are known for failing and either not opening or not opening enough at that pre-determined temperature. This causes coolant to get trapped too long in the engine coolant chambers, heating it beyond limits, causing the engine temperature to increase and possibly overheat. If my Maxima was overheating, I would check the coolant levels and then possibly replace the thermostat. It usually is no more complicated than that.

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