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Definately see your doctor and show him your blisters and white thrush. Answer you must consult the good dentalist because you have more problems regarding the tongue sore.

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Q: Your tongue is swollen with sore blisters and sore round white patch inside lip with difficulty swallowing earache headache and sore throat?
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What causes a headache and a earache?

I think when you are stressed it causes a headache.

When should you seek medical attention for an earache?

Medical attention should be sought for an earache if it is accompanied by loss of appetite, fever,difficulty sleeping, drainage or difficulty hearing. An earache with these symptoms could be a sign of an ear infection.

Earache and headache could you be pregnant?

Yes , It's A Well Known Fact That If You Have An Earache And A Hedache The Is A Possibility Of Being Pregnant

If symptoms are stuffy nose earache headache sore throat and fatigue what is it?

its herpes

What are the symptoms 4 mumps?

Symptoms of mumps include: fever, headache, earache, sore throat, painful swallowing/opening mouth, pain when eating or drinking sour things, fatigue, muscle/joint aching, poor appetite, vomiting

Can sinuses cause earache and headache?

Yes they can I have really bad sinus problems and I always get earaches and headaches

Pain in throat and earache when swallowing?

It could be Strep Throat, or an ear infection. Might even be an inflamation of the tonsils or adenoids.

How do you get a earache?

yo get an earache by infection yo get an earache by infection

How do you get Earache?

yo get an earache by infection yo get an earache by infection

What does it mean when you have Earache Headache and Sore Throat?

The symptoms you describe are best explained and treated by your Doctor, Sounds as though you are heading for the Flu.

Why might an eleven year old have an earache?

It may be because of an ear infection or a rupture in the ear drum, but I would probably get it checked out by the doctor. It may just be a headache.

What diseases does mullein treat?

Bronchitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, dry coughs, hoarseness, earache, headache, tuberculosis, boils, carbuncles, skin ulcers, chilblains, and hemorrhoids.

Can you use betamethasone dipropionate for earache?

What is the answer to : Can I use Btamethasone for an earache?

What are some compound words with ache in them?

These are some compound words with ache in them: headache, earache, backache, stomachache, toothache,

What are oral cancer symptoms?

There appear to be quite a few symptoms of oral cancer. Perhaps the most noticeable is patches of white (or red, or even a mix) in your mouth or on your lips. You may also have sores on your mouth that won't heal, bleeding inside your mouth, tooth loss (or loosened teeth), difficulty swallowing and wearing dentures, a lump in your neck, and yes, even earache.

When was Earache Records created?

Earache Records was created in 1985.

What is the group for mumps what are the characteristics of mumps?

•Gram stain negative •It is viral •The Mumps virus is a roughly spherical particle made up of concentric layers of lipids •Headache, earache, sore throat, and pain while swallowing or opening the mouth •Fever of 101 to 104 •Tiredness with aching in muscles and joints

What is a compound word for ache?

bellyache heartache headache earache backache stomachache toothache

What is the medical term meaning earache?

Otalgia is the medical term meaning ear pain or earache.Otalgia"Earache."otitis

What does it feel like if your ear drum burst?

A huge earache and headache, with a burst of pain from hearing any loud or sharp sounds. If you think you have burst an eardrum, the best thing would be to go to a doctor.

What does earache mean?

earache means you have a pain in your ear that won't go away and is very anoyoingIts like a headache but you are more at risk for swimmers ear so watch out ok?By definiton, an earache is simply a pain in the ear. Earaches are caused when the drainage system of the nose and ear gets clogged by an infection. Everytime you have an ear infection it will most likely come with an earache. However, if you have a earache, it doesn't mean you have an ear infection. The pain can be treated by anti-biotics, simply letting it go away, over the counter medicines, or placing a warm compress over the ear. Earaches are mostly found in young children, and can be extremely painful to them.

What causes an earache?

The cause of an earache is a middle ear infection that usually occurs in younger specimens.

What are early symptoms of tonsillitis?

A mild or severe sore throat is one of the first symptoms of tonsillitis. Symptoms can also include fever, chills , lethargy, muscle aches, earache, pain or discomfort when swallowing, and swollen glands in the neck.

What are your symptoms when you catch a cold?

Coughing, nasal congestion, sorenes of throat, fever, sinus problems, headache, pain, congestion of chest, loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, vomiting, earache/infection. Hope this helps with your cold!

Is children's Advil good to take to prevent an earache?

I would not give it to a child for an earache. Advil is for allergies and is used for: itchy throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing. I used it on my little brother it did not prevent the earache