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Your tubes were tied in 1998 and now youre having breast swelling and soreness and a white discharge from your nipples that smells like sour milk menopause im 30?



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I found this quote on a medical site that may help:

"This can happen from hormone stimulation during or after a pregnancy, or from many drugs like birth control pills, prescription medicines such as anti-depressants, and many street drugs such as marijuana. If you mean a smelly discharge in the skin folds or creases of your breasts, that is more likely to be from a minor skin inflammation due to poor hygiene (not cleaning those areas carefully enough.) If you mean discharge from a sore (like a pimple or cyst), those sores are usually caused by friction from a bra that doesn't fit well. It would be best to have a medical professional examine your breast when the discharge is present. Then you can get an accurate diagnosis and advice on any treatment that might be needed. "