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A red-eared slider, which is a semi-aquatic turtle.

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Q: Your turtle has orange-red stripes on the side of his head what kind of turtle do you have?
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If a turtle has red stripes on its arms and legs then what kind of turtle is it?

i vote that is is the redstripedarmsandlegs turtle.


It's probably a red eared slider turtle. But it also have to have red on the sides of it's head. It may also be a Reeves turtle. They have longer tails and no red under their eares

What kind of turtle is yellow and black stripes?

A yellow-bellied slider...

You found a turtle in the road it had black eyes no stripes and a brown shell what kind of turtle is this?

I would think it would be a painted turtle or a box turtle

Your turtle has yellow stripe head red stripe feet what kind is it?

what kind of a turtle is a red-headed turtle

What kind of turtle has yellow spots on the neck and a red stripes on legs?

red slider

What kind of spider has a brown body with white stripes on its head?

Spiderman's Uncle

What kind of worm is this it has a red head and black and white stripes?

There are a few different caterpillars that have black and white stripes and a head . Two of these are the caterpillars of the Hieroglyphic Moth and the Beautiful Tiger Moth.

Can you tell me what kind of turtle has Yellow and orange stripes on the head of the turtle and the back is black and smooth texture the belly is orange can you help identify this turtle?

this type of turtle is called a soft back turtle. it is about 3 to 5 inches long including tale and is usually kept as a pet. O.k that other person up there is wrong..This is a red bellied turtle.Or a mix of a red bellied turtle and a red eared slider..So there is the correct answer :D

What kind of bug is very small with even a smaller head and is tan with black stripes?

A bee!

What kind of turtle is the turtle that has red stripes on the side of there neck?

Red-eared sliders. They are classified as semi-aquatic turtles- meaning they spend most of their time in the water but still require land.

If a turtle you brown with orange spots on the legs and head what kind is he and what habitat does he need to survive?


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