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Your v-tech v-smile won't power on?


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August 12, 2009 9:37PM

If you speak to V-Smile customer support..there is a way to reset the system.

I tried it and it works!

Unplug the adapter (or remove the batteries if using batteries), unplug the tv connection next.

Then (with everything disconnected) press and hold the ON button to the V-Smile for one minute.

Now plug in adapter, try to turn unit on. It should work. Next turn unit off, and plug in tv connection, try to turn unit on again, it should still be working. Now turn unit off - inster game and turn unit back on. You system should now be working. NOTE: Always turn game system OFF before pulling games out, and insert games BEFORE turning back on! Another thing to help the performance of system is that you can also push the plastic back to expose the prongs inside the v-smile (where games are inserted) and clean those prongs with a clean cloth too. [[User:Zak22|Zak22]] 21:37, 12 Aug 2009 (UTC)[[User:Zak22|Zak22]] 21:37, 12 Aug 2009 (UTC)

Having checked all the obvious (cables connected, mains power on, etc) I have found that on a number of occasions, when I turn on the console there is no green light, ie no power. In the past I have found that leaving power adapter on (even with the console off) generates a lot of heat and I have been unable to use the console until it has been turned off (at source) for a while. However, yesterday the console just switched itself off and will not turn on this morning despite being off all night (power source too). I will have to check the fuses, etc. So if my first suggestion (ensuring the power adapter is off for a while before use) does not work, perhaps check the fuses too! Sadly, as with most electrical toys these days, it seems the build quality is questionable!