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Sounds like new engine computer time to me. Take it (if you can get it started) to a dealer for a diagnosis. Even if you do it yourself it will not be cheap. You could try finding an engine controller in a junkyard and do a swap to see if that gets it, but you will be stabbing in the dark.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-15 12:27:20
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Q: Your whole dash lights up and your 98 intrigue just shuts off then sometimes wont start?
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Sometimes my 1999 Oldsmobile intrigue will not start it will not turn over but all dash lights are on After a while it will start again This happens about once a week why?

Check Battery connections are clean and tight. If they are OK, then the problem lies in the relay mounted in the starter (it is one unit)

1997 Chrysler town and country starts runs for 5 seconds and shuts off Sometimes if you bang on the dashboard you can make it start what do you think is wrong no dash lights either at incidence?

The cluster circuit board may have a malfunction.

1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue sometimes car will not start until anywhere from 10-60 minutes all lights go on engine will not start This happens 3-4 times a month Why?

the positive battery teminal was very corroded when i bought mine and was having similar problems i'd check there first

Day Light Running Lights for a 2000?

what about the day running lights? You want to know how to turn them off?If you do then once you start the truck turn the light switch to the left and that shuts them off.

Your battery reads good but sometimes the van won't start?

I have a 1998 Chevy 1500 conversion van. sometimes the van wont start when its cold and i just have lights. I had the battery checked and it is good. what do you suggest?

Why does the 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue sometimes click under the dash instead of start and it is not a battery problem?

Neutral safety switch going bad? Starter solenoid going bad?

Car models that start with i?

Invicta Infinity Intrigue Imperial

How come your ford escape car starter shuts off when you open the door?

If this is the remote start system, it shuts down the engine for security.

When the headlights are on there are no taillights what would cause this?

sometimes the head lights and tail lights may be fused separately,check your could have a bad ground.thats just two places to start.

2002 trailblazer sometimes it will start and then it will not start?

2007 trailblazer does not start, sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.

Why does a 87 pathfinder start then shuts off it runs rough when it shuts off rpm needle is erractic?

Sounds like an electrical problem - maybe coil

What is wrong if your car engine shuts off as soon as you start it?

1991 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L starts 2 to 3 seconds later shuts off

Why is my 02 Blazer stalling out when I start it also panel lights dim and fuses blow and trailer lights to not blink as they should when towing a trailer and interior lights dim randomly?

Check your alternator it could be malfunctioning. Sometimes it gives you warnings like this.

When i start my dodge caravan it shakes when put in gear it shuts off?

is the transmiton

Why does a 97 grand am 24L start then shuts down replaced fuel filter and tps and still does the same starts then shuts down?

try checking your catalyctic converter

Why does our 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue sometimes it just won't start then after a few minutes or longer it will?

I am having the same problem with my intrigue, it might be 2 things: the crank sensor is bad and needs changing, or the ignition module needs changing. im not %100 that this is the problem but I am currently trying to get mine fixed and that's what I have been told it might be.

How do I start Oldmobile Intrigue if the key will not turn in ignition?

I usually take the key out, turn it, and put it back in ignition to start

Why sometimes does your 1990 Honda prelude 2.0 Si start when you turn the key but shuts off after you let go out of the starting position but will keep running if you hold key in the stating position?

Bad ignition switch?

What causes my 1999 Pontiac bonnevlle to start then shuts off?

anti theft going out

Why does my 2000 4.0 RR shuts down after 10 minutes of idling and will not start for 2 hours?

Could be the fuel filter is completely clogged. Does it shuts down faster when revving the engine?

Can your kidneys start back after they shut down?

No, your kidneys can't start back because when it shuts down means it stopped and that you have to replace it but it can't start back

Why might a car stall shortly after the oil and battery light came on and not start again?

It could be the alternater.AnswerSome cars have a safety switch that shuts the engine off when the oilpressure is to low, but if those lights came on when the car stalled it might be because the lights on the instrument panel that turns on when you start the car usually turns on when it stalls.

What happens if the crankshaft position sensor goes out in a 2001 Oldsmobile intrigue?

The engine won't start.

Why does 99' Pontiac firebird start but when shifting gears it shuts down why?

You don't know how to shift

Your Jeep clicks but does not start?

Sometimes the security system shuts down the ignition so you turn the key in the door lock back and forth, then try to start it. Otherwise your battery might be bad or simply a low on charge. Charge your battery or jump it then try it. If nothing then you may have a bad starter.