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if your wife is spotting for 3 weeks i suggest she call her doctor as soon as possible -Or go to the hospital to get check out and see if she's ok--spotting or bleeding durning pregnancy is not normal-it can indicate many things-depending whether its heavy or light how long it lasts, what color it is. the color of blood is also important--blood that's bright red is ususally more worrisome than blood that's brownish..but please tell her to call her doctor he has the answer and she does need to be check out please..bless of health and hope things goes good for you two

2006-08-14 14:52:14
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Q: Your wife is spotting from last 3 weeks and you are very much upset she is in her 15 th week help you?
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Spotting 2 weeks after your last period?

I expect you are ovulating - women normally ovulate 2 weeks after their last period and they often spot

Is the last day of spotting heavy?

No all the spotting should be light , and not last as long as your normal period. Yes, this is very normal during the early weeks of pregnancy.

How long can spotting last?

Its different for everyone, but for myself the spotting didn't stop until I started getting the jab every 10 weeks instead of 12.

I just had a pap at 20 weeks pregnant. How long will the spotting last?

Spotting after a pap normally lasts for less than a day. Sometimes the changes to the cervix from pregnancy can make it last a little longer, but if it does, call your health care provider.

Why do you spot everyday on birth control?

I'am on the depot and i have noticed that i have been spotting for the last 2 weeks why?

You got your period about 2 weeks ago and had a spotting of blood last week and again today is that bad?


How long does spotting while on birth control usually last?

mine has lasted a week now! it can last up to 5 days or 2 weeks

How long does spotting last when you are first pregnant?

spotting last for 2 days

How many days does spotting last?

For me the spotting last more than 3days

What is the difference between spotting if you know you are pregnant and actual menstruation?

spotting is light and can last for a day or two where your regular period will last longer...depending on when your last period was. I hope this can help you out and if i am wrong i guess congrats is in order

What if your not spotting at all during the first 3 weeks of pregnancy?

You would not know you are pregnant as you haven't even missed a period yet. A pregnancy is measured from the first day of the last period. So you are 4 weeks when the next period is due. BTW - if you are not spotting, that's a good sign (if you want to be pregnant). No spotting means less chance of miscarriage.

How long will you bleed after taking methergine?

About 6 weeks after your last dosage of Methergine you will stop bleeding. However, it shouldn't be full bleeding and should just be spotting during these 6 weeks.

You are 7 weeks pregnant and there was a heartbeat shown 5 days ago you started spotting brown last week off and on However today you were spotting light red What could be the cause of this?


Is 2 weeks of spotting normal if you don't know whether or not you are pregnant?

I want to know too I been spotting for 17 days now and it started on may 4 my last period ended on april 24?

How long should bleeding occur during season?

Spotting varies with each dog but typically last three to five days. The heat can last up to three weeks.

You were spotting for one day two weeks after your period could you be pregnant?

More likely that you were ovulating. A lot of when spot during ovulation and ovulation usually occurs 2 weeks after your last period

I am 7 weeks pregnant and have been spotting brown for a few days how long is spotting normal?

I am 7 weeks pregnant to the day. I have been spotting brown for the last few days. Last night it turned into blood. I went to the doc and had an exam. He heard the placenta and my cervix is closed so that is a very good sign. Later in the day I had an ultrasound, I saw the little peanut and the heartbeat. I was told that 7 weeks would be right around your period so not to worry. I would say if it lasts longer than two weeks of red blood get it checked out otherwise the brown is old blood.

Does everyone get implantation bleeding?

I have irregular periods they come every forty days its been three weeks after my period and I have dark spotting my period is in about two weeks from now my last period began on January 6th

If you had your period two weeks ago and just these past 3 days you have been spotting does that mean you are pregnant?

not necessarily, it could be just left over blood your last period, but I had some brown spotting about 10 days after my last period, 7 days before my next period, and I found out I was pregnant!

Is it normal to have some spotting at 38 weeks pregnant?

i am 38 weeks pregnant and lost my 'show' yesterday lunchtime. At about 10.30 last night I found I was spotting. I phoned the labour ward at hospital and they said it was normal. So yes, its normal. However I would advise you to GET CHECKED OUT. Just to be on the safe side. Good luck!

What does brown spotting at 5 weeks pregnant mean?

I had` brown spotting last week at 5 weeks and went to the doc's and had an u/s and everything looked good brown is ok it is just old blood watch for heavy cramping and dark red blood that's when you should worry congrats Rae Rae

How do you know how many weeks you are?

Its calculated from the last menstrual period.Their are a lot of pages that can help to calculate how many weeks pregnant you are.

If your on the pill and you don't take the last seven pills in the pack and start a new pack you start spotting how long will the spotting last?

the spotting lasts for how many pills you didnt take so in your case its 7 days

We have been going through infertily measures and our last insemination was a month ago what does it mean if you have a positive pregnancy test plus spotting two weeks after your period?

You could be pregnant

Can spotting be more than you being pregnant?

Spotting does not always mean you are pregnant. Many women spot during ovulation (releasing an egg) as well. Ovulation normally occurs around 2 weeks after your last period. Also, it could just be because you have old blood left over from your last period that is coming out now