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I had this problem with my Villager and continue to have it with my Quest. The Villager went back to the dealer who told me that there were no problems that they could find but it was a common problem with the Quest and Villager. When I need to use the fluid I press and release the switch until the pump kicks on and the fluid sprays. It's a pain but it always comes on after 30 secs. of working the switch. There is a really good Nissan mechanic on who answers 5 questions a day. Sometimes you may have to wait until midnight to get a question in. I also had this same problem with my 97 Quest. It turned out to be a combination of two issues. #1: Crud in the lines, had to use compressed air and a little bit of patience to blow out and rinse the lines a couple of times. # 2 the switch on the steering column as you already know is intermittent. Since I have other issues with the van that are higher on the priority list I've learned where the "sweet spot" is on the switch to get it to work. I simply press in on the switch ( like your supposed to) then gently twist back and forth as if your changing wiper speed until the washer pump energizes. hope this helps.

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Q: Your windshield washer doesn't work check the line but not water seems to be coming through Any suggestion on what could be the problem?
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Why does my 2000 Ford Ranger windshield wiper keep coming on?

When the windshield wiper on a 2000 Ford Ranger comes on by itself this can signal a damaged windshield wiper switch. Changing these switches out often corrects this problem.

What should you do if rain is coming in through driver's side at the bottom behind gas and brake pedal?

It is probably comming from the windshield. Have someone run water on the windshield and check it inside with a flashlight.

How can you stop water coming inside windshield of a 1994 gran cherooke Laredo?

Have the windshield removed and retapped.

What kind of sealant can be used to stop water from coming into windshield on a freightliner columbia?

Either your windshield wasn't installed properly, or the window seal is bad. Getting that problem fixed will be much more effective than using sealant.

How do you remove car windshield scratches?

Rule of thumb, if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it ain't coming out, replace the windshield.

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You probably have a bad heater core. Find where it is coming from. You probably have debris stopping up the drain below the windshield.

Windshield wipers on 97 Nissan 200sx se keep coming disconnected. motor works?

According to a quick Google search, there has been a recall on 200SX for this exact problem. Perhaps a dealership near you will be able to take care of the problem.

What causes gas fumes coming through air vent of a 97 Chevy cavalier?

Leak in exhaust system perhaps exhaust manifold being sucked in through air intake (grid at lower end of windshield)

Every time it rains your 97 Lesabre literally has 3 inches of water back and front someone please help you've looked in the truck and under and nothing is wet you had to rip the padding out?

I'm not sure, but I've had this problem before. Check the top of the windshield, and for rust holes in the roof for leakage. I had the same problem with my 1998 LeSabre last month, and it was indeed coming from the windshield.

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It doesn't, it is made of glass and plastic film to it from coming apart.

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