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Your wiper delay don't work where is the module that controls the wiper delay in your 85 Chevy pickup?

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where is the wiper switch located on a 85 el camino w/pulse wipers,the car has tilt wheel

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Were is the wiper delay module located on a 97 Chevy pickup?

the wiper delay dodule is located under the hood on the firewall. you will see the motor for the wipers and you take that cover off. it has 3 torx bit screws that holds it on. under this cover is a circut board. that is your wiper delay module.

Where if the wiper delay module for a 1992 dodge 150?

In the switch

How do you adjust the delay on Mercedes Benz wipers c240?

You caint the rain sensor controls the time and delay

Were is the time delay module for john deere 425 lawn tractor located?

If you are sitting on the tractor seat (hood up and side panels removed) the time delay module is on the lefthand side (starter side) of your JD 425. The original module is square and the new one is round.

How do you bypass the time delay module on a 1996 345 John Deere?

The time delay module in this particular model can only be bypassed by an authorised dealer for safety reasons. The part exists to prevent electrocution, so it is prudent to adhere to safety regulations.

Where is the time delay relay for the interior lights on a 1995 Mercury Marquis?

It is a module under the dash.

What would cause the wiper delay not to work the switch has been replaced in the column?

The delay system may not have anything to do with the switch. It depends on the manufacturer but the delay system maybe part of the wiper motor assembly...or the delay is sometimes located in a separate module located separately from the control switch.

How do you add delay wipers to a 1976 Chevy truck?

I believe J.C. sells a kit to do this

Where is the accessory delay relay in 96 explorer?

Click on the link below Click on Owner Guides The Owner Guide can be viewed online ( page 391 shows a diagram of Instrument Panel Relay Module # 4 and shows the location of the accesory delay system relay in the module , but unfortunately it just shows an arrow pointing in the direction of the instrument panel and doesn't show the exact location of Relay Module # 4 under the dash )

What to check now front wipers only one speed no delay all components replaced 1990 Jeep Cherokee?

Having the same problems except my wipers won't park. My Jeep mechanic told me I needed to replace my wiper motor - he pulled the wiper delay module and bypassed it to prove it wasn't anything to do with the module. Have you solved your problem yet? I'll let you know if I'm successful after replacing the motor. On my '90 Cherokee, the wipers only had one speed, would not park. I had the motor and delay module replaced - still did not work. I then had the linkage replaced with a rebuild - works perfect now! I'd check the linkage.

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Why do your lamps dim when you press your window buttons on your 2001 Chevy Tahoe?

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1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee windshield wiper doesn't intermitent What to do?

Replace delay module located under side wall kick panel. Triangle shaped panel with two screws right next to the drivers door. I actually snapped my delay module open with a screwdriver and popped out the board. I turned the board over and soldered a small wire about 16guage to the two solder contacts on either side of the burnt trace. Works like a champ.

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Is there a relay for the wiper motor on a 1995 Chevy G20 Van?

everything is built into wiper motor including delay timer. there is a fuse you must check no relay.

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