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It could well be a fuse that has blown.

But which fuse, is dependant on your vehicle,

each car has its own fuse and wiring system.

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Where are the indicators lights of Toyota Corolla located?

Front and rear of the vehicle just above the bumper. Side repeaters on the front wings.

When you turn on the lights on your MX6 the wipers go on but not the headlights How can you fix that?

There is a short in the wiring block behind the driver's side front headlight.

What to check if my rear lights breaks and indicators don't work?

Check the fuse box(es) for a burnt fuse. Also, check to see if the front indicators work - if not, the flasher unit probably needs to be replaced.

Why do your front wipers fail to park?

Wiper motor cogs can wear down and fail to leave the wipers in the lowest position. If the wipers had encountered some resistance they can also slip. It could just be a simple fix.

Where are the indicators on 1968 VW beetle?

The indicators are located on the front fenders

What causes both of your turn signal indicators to turn on when you turn on the headlights in a 1984 Chevy pick up?

There is a faulty ground wire in one of your tail lights or front parking/clearance lights.

What does the warning yellow warning light circle with 3 dashes on the left and right sides of the circle on aBMW 3 series?

This is the Bulb Warning Light; Meaning the vehicle has a faulty bulb, on the exterior or of the vehicle. Check all of the lights (with ignition on); Front + Rear side lights Front Headlights Front high beam Front +Rear Fog Lights Front + Rear Indicators Rear Stop lights (including high level/ centre stop) Number plate lights And, Reverse lights. Replace the necessary bulbs, recheck all lights, and the light should disappear.

If your back lights work and your front lights don't what could be the problem pug 106 xsi?

You might check to see if your front headlight bulbs are out.

Why would brake light work on one side?

If the brake lights on a vehicle do not work on one side, this could be an indication of a blown bulb. Also, some vehicles have front lights that affect the rear lights, so checking for problems in the front lights could help as well.

What are the extra lights called on the front of a car?

Could be fog lamps.

If your wipers aren't working front and rear and you changed the fuse what is wrong?

Check the motor for the wipers.

Where to position trailer lights on my trailer?

Two lights from the front two at the back. i wish i could change that but there you go

What is the fuse number for front wipers on peugeot 206?

fuse "B" is for front wipers,fuse "D" rear wipers.both rated at 15 amps.

How do you change front indicators BA falcon?

To change the front indicator lights on a BA Falcon one must turn the wheel inward in order to access the front of the splash shield. The lower three screws can now be removed and the bulb can be changed.

Why does your front windshield wipers on my Mitsubishi Endeavor scrape along the window when operating?

Just replace the wipers

Does a 2007 ford pick up have front brakes wear indicators?

does a 2007 ford pick up 2wd have front brake pad wear indicators

How do you fix 1998 Cherokee front wipers?

change them

Do airplanes have wipers?

Yes on the front wind screen.

Why is the fuse blowing on your windscreen wipers?

y does my fuse blow when i put on my front wipers the vehichle is a 04 plate defender

Which fuse is for windshield wipers in a 2008 Mazda 3?

Fuse number 53 (rear wiper) and 68 (front wipers)

Describe the equipment required on passenger cars by state law?

brakes lights horn muffler safety glass license plates windshield wipers rearview mirror slow moving vehicle emblem front seat belts tires fuel cap brakes lights horn muffler safety glass license plates windshield wipers rearview mirror slow moving vehicle emblem front seat belts tires fuel cap

How do you turn on the rear windsheld wipers on your 03 Hyundai tiburon?

it is on the same lever you turn your front wipers on with but you twist the the last inch of it

How do you turn on the rear window wipers in a Ford Falcon AU wagon?

Use the same switch for the front wipers. Once the front wipers are switched on, the rear wiper will come on as well. However, a reverse twist of the switch would turn on just the rear wiper.

97 Chrysler sebring What could cause the front left wheel to squeal but stop when you brake and only when in drive?

Wear indicators on brake pads

Where could you get front indicators for a 1969 foden tractor unit to buy?

At Tractor shows & aoto jumbles/sales.Tractor enthusiasts magazines for sale column

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