Chevy Blazer S-10

Your wipers wont turn off on your 2000 Chevy blazer help?


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If the windshield wipers won't turn off on a 2000 Chevy Blazer, check the wiper relay switch. This is usually located in the engine compartment fuse box on top of the battery.

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I believe Chilton auto repair books have a website that will help you,,

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the short answer to this question is yes you can. there are kits to help you.

Need to know what year and what engine to help you.

buying a chilton or haynes repair manuel for the s series blazer will help in knowing how to change it

You have to have a engine scanner to clear the codes on that year. Driving it won't help. Need to fix the problem first that set the code or it will just come back on.

Personally I don't know how to replace a Chevy Blazer windshield, but attached is an article from wikihow that could help you out. If that looks complicated or you can't find the windshield glass check out your local glass shops or websites.

No belt. It has a timing chain.

Factory alarms are, by their very nature and by design, difficult to bypass. It is almost a dealer issue, but some automotive locksmiths can help.

The "wing" that is over the rear hatch is to help keep the rear window clean.

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transmission is in but cant get linkage right. photo would help

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The probable place to download the manual for your car is the site of the manufacturer, General Motors Co. Get help there.

hello ,go to autozone{car store] and ask any staff member for help>good luck

call the parts store and explain this question to them, they will be able to help you right away They deal with these questions all the time.

It could be the actuator that diverts the air through the heater core. Our enthusiasts forum may be able to help you more at

the o/d sun gear shaft is stripped this is commond on these

The computer has detected a fault with the emissions controls. Have the computer scanned and this will help to find the defective part or parts.

Check at any Napa or Kragen or other such auto parts store. They will be able to help you.

i reaaly need help answering this question cause i cant find one in a wrecking yard"

If you are not sure please stop by your local auto parts store and ask them to help you. They will also sell you the correct brake fluid for that vehicle.

you have to either remove the intake manifold or be really really really thin. also removing the cowling where the wipers and motor assy are will help

I was looking for help doing this recently and someone on this list provided this link which I will now pass on to you. Good luck.

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