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Q: Are george strait and his wife divorcing?
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Does George Strait have a wife?

Yes, and kids.

Who is george strait's wife?

Norma Voss

Who is george strait wife?

Garth brooks

Was George strait married to an Emilio?

No, George Strait has been married to his wife Norma since he was seventeen years old.

Who was with George Strait at Artist of The Decade award show in his viewer area?

It was his wife Norma Strait

What is the Name of song that george strait sings with his wife?


Did george strait ever cheat on his wife?

actually, yes he has...

Is that true that grant Wilson divorcing his wife?

is that true grant wilson divorcing his wife

Is Norma George Strait's first wife?

Yes one and only.

When was george strait and his wife Norma married?

Dec 4, 1971

Did George strait do charity work?

yes he does and his wife has a charity for there dead daughter jenifer strait. It is called the jenifer strait memorial foundation.

What does george strait wife look like?

here she is with george strait: signed: Alex, Bye ^_^

Is george strait separated from his wife?

No, they been married for 40 years now.

Who is in George strait's family?

George Strait's father is John Byron Strait George Strait's father is John Byron Strait

Is tj Jackson and his wife divorcing?


Is John Cena's wife divorcing him?


What is the birth name of George Strait?

George Strait's birth name is George Harvey Strait.

Who is George Strait's mother?

George Strait's mother is Doris Couser Strait.

Are T d jakes and wife divorcing?


Is Dr Phil divorcing his current wife?


Is Dr Phil divorcing his wife?

Not at this time.

What is the sexual orientation of George Strait?

George Strait is heterosexual.

Who are George strait's children?

George Strait Jr. and Jennifer

Is Gerard way divorcing his wife?

Definitely not! He loves his wife a lot.

Who is better george strait or brad paisley?

GEORGE STRAIT! by far!he is the best country singer in the worldDefinitely George Strait.