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Yes, any large object in the solar system can be hit by asteroids or comets. Pluto is located in the Kuiper Belt, a vast field of comets, so collisions with comets are probably not uncommon for the dwarf planet.

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Q: Can an asteroid comet or meteor hit Pluto?
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Is a comet going to hit Earth in 3 months?

No. There is no comet or asteroid or meteor going to hit the Earth. Most of it is superstition.

What happen to Pluto?

There is a meteor hit Pluto.

What burns up before it hit the earths surface meteor or asteroid?

A meteor.

Did Pluto really get hit with an asteroid?

Yes it did today

What would happen to earth if a massive comet or asteroid hit the moon?

the moon will break into half or it will break into pieces (depends how the comet or asteroid's size)

Has pluto ever been hit by an asteroid?

Almost certainly.

What clues suggest that an asteroid or comet hit there?

For a start, that depends what you mean with "there".

How big is the asteroid that hit in Arizona?

The asteroid that hit Arizona and created Meteor Crater is reported to be roughly 130 feet or 40 meters wide.

Did Pluto get hit by a meteor?

Yes. Every planet and dwarf planet has been hit by meteors.

What is A rocky object that is more likely to hit the earth than a comet?

An asteroid

Could Pluto be destroyed by a comet?

No, Pluto is too large to be destroyed by a comet. The comet would just hit and leave a crater on Pluto's surface. Also, comets move quickly when they're close to the sun and slow down a lot when they're in the outer solar system near Pluto. So, any comet that hits Pluto would be moving pretty slowly.

Is it True that Pluto use to be Big?

Yes, but a meteor hit Pluto and a small part of Pluto went flying off and landed in our Solar System.

What is an asteroid called when it hits earths surface?

An asteroid is space debris made up of rock and metal and can range drastically in size. When an asteroid makes a collision course for Earth, it is called a meteor. A meteor that manages to hit the Earth is called a meteorite.

Where was the last asteroid hit on earth?

There was one significant asteroid impact in 1908 - the Tunguska event. It is possible that smaller asteroids hit Earth after that. There was a smaller asteroid/meteor impact more recently - the Chelyabinsk event in 2013.

Why do some asteroids leave there orbit?

They could be knocked out of orbit by being hit from a comet, or a 'rogue' asteroid that's not part of the asteroid belt.

How did Neil Armstrong's footprints stay on the moon so long?

The Moon has no wind, no water, and almost no moon quakes (earthquakes on the moon). There is almost nothing to cause the footprints to go away. Unless they are hit by a meteor, comet, or asteroid.

How is it possible for an asteroid or comet to cut directly across earths orbital path but not hit earth?

The Earth and the asteroid could be at a different points in the path.

What was the biggest tsunami to occur because of a meteor?

The Chicxulub asteroid, which hit the Gulf of Mexico about 65 million years ago. It is said to be the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

Has earth ever been hit by a comet or an asteroid?

Yes. This has happened many times in Earth's history.

What does a comet or a asteroid create when they hit a planet?

An impact crater. The size depends on the mass and speed of the object and where it strikes

What is the greatest threat the earth face?

Nuclear war, overpopulation, being hit by a large comet, meteor or asteroid. There are many threats to the Earth. Several Billion years from now, the Sun will probably go Nova (get bigger and hotter) and burn up the Earth.

Why did the earth get hit with meteorites?

The Earth is constantly hit by small meteorites simply because space has no friction. Therefore, if a small asteroid were to somehow been flung out of the Asteroid belt (becoming a meteor), and was aim at Earth, chances are that it'll hit.

Can an asteroid have a spherical shape?

Asteriods can have any shape imaginable. It all just depends on the angle the other meteor hit it at.

Why do cosmologists calculate these asteroid's orbits and compare such orbits with the earth's orbit?

So we can guess when a meteor might hit the Earth.

What is the name of a meteors tail?

A meteor is the name given to something that has hit the Earth. You may be referring to a comet, which orbits the Sun. In that case, it is just called a comet tail, nothing more.

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