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Marijuana gets into your blood and nervous system, and vinegar has of no effect. Drugs such as marijuana can remain in your body for a long time no matter what you do. You cannot clean your nervous system like you can clean your colon. Vinegar can be used to clean your colon, though.

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Q: Can vinegar clean your system your out?
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Does vinegar clean oxycodone out of your system?

No, vinegar does not clean oxycodone out of your system.

Will vinegar clean your system for xansx?

Yes, vinegar can be able to clean your system for Xansx.

Will Vinegar clean your system of THC?

no. vinegar doesnt clean your urine of THC.

How does vinegar clean your system?

Vinegar does not "clean your system." it will not help you pass a drug test, stop a pregnancy, or prevent pregnancy after sex.

Does vinegar clean PCP from your system?

Can vinegar get pcp out your system n how do u need to take

Does vinegar clean weed out of system?

No it does not.

Is apple cider vinegar good to clean your system?

Vinegar will not "clean your system." Soon after it is swallowed, it is broken down into its chemical components.

Will vinegar clean out your system for weed?

No. Vinegar will not clean any drug out of your system. See the Related Question below for more information.

Does drinking water clean your system?

No but drinking water with vinegar can help clean out your system.

Do vinegar clean a system of alcohol?


Does vinegar clean drugs out of your system?

No, it does not.

Can vinegar clean your system?

No, not at all.

Does vinegar clean your system of opiates?

no it does not

Can you drink white vinegar to clean drugs out of your system?

Drinking vinegar to clean drugs out of your system is an urban legend. The only way to get drugs out of your system is to naturally let them dissipate or not do them at all.

Does vinegar water clean marijuana out your system?


Will drinking vinegar clean marijuana out of your system?


Can vinegar clean your system in a week?

no not all

Does vinegar clean your system of marijuana?


Can white distilled vinegar be used to clean our your system?

You can use it to clean out your coffee maker system, but I don't know about your physical system...

Can vinegar get system clean of THC?

Only time can do that.

Does vinegar clean THC from your system?

No. Time is what is necessary.

Does vinegar clean your system out?

No n dont do drugs

If you drink water and vinegar will it clean cocaine out of your system?

No. It's a myth that you can magically cheat a drug test by drinking vinegar.

You have weed and cocaine in your system what will clean it out?

Drink vinegar and lime.

Does vinegar help clean your system for meth?

Lol dont do meth retard