World War 2

How did telegraph poles cause World War 2?


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"It has been argued by some that it is a fallacy to consider the reparations as the primary source of the economic condition in Germany from 1919 to 1939. This perspective argues that Germany paid a small portion of the reparations and the hyper-inflation of the early 1920s was a result of the political and economic instability of the Weimar Republic. In fact, the occupation of the Ruhr by the French (which began when Germany failed to supply a required delivery of telegraph poles) did more damage to the economy than the reparations payments"

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So, arguably, since one of Hitler's main stances was fixing the German economy, and a large hit to said economy came as a result of a failure of the Germans to deliver promised telegraph poles, it can be said - to a degree - that telegraph poles were the case of World War 2.

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What the hell are you smoking?!?!?!?!


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