how do dogs show you their love?

Your dog brings you his toys.

If your furry friend randomly brings you his favorite ball or frisbee, it doesn't just mean that he's ready for a game of fetch. When your dog brings you his favorite toy it shows that he sees you as the pack leader, so he wants to please you.

Your pup leans against you.

Dogs typically lean on humans when they are feeling anxious or nervous, or because they want you to go somewhere. However, this is also seen as a sign of affection because it shows that your dog trusts that you will keep her safe.

He yawns when you're yawning.

A 2008 study shows that like humans, dogs can demonstrate "contagious yawning." Dogs were found to be more likely to yawn when their owner yawned as opposed to a stranger. If your dog yawns when you yawn, he feels bonded with you.

She wiggles and lifts her eyebrows at you.

Similar to humans, dogs communicate a lot of their feelings and emotions through their facial expressions. A Japanese study conducted in 2013 used high-speed cameras to record the facial expressions of dogs when their owner walked into the room compared to a stranger entering the room. When their owner entered the room, dogs immediately raised their eyebrows but showed much less facial movement when a stranger walked in.

Your dog looks you straight in the eyes.

Most people would think that a doggy stare-down would be a sign of aggression. On the contrary, when your dog stares directly at your eyes they are showing their love for you. Sustained eye contact releases oxytocin, also known as the "bonding hormone," in both dog and human brains. So go ahead and embrace the awkwardness and have a staring contest with your furry best friend.

He loves sleeping in your bed.

Although some dog owners won't allow their dogs in bed, they should still be flattered by the gesture. If your dog constantly cuddles up next to you, it shows that he sees you as a part of his pack.

She kisses your face.

If your dog loves planting slobbery kisses all over your face, it's a sign of affection. This can also show that your dog likes the way you taste and that she thinks of you as a member of her family.

He acts like you're the greatest thing he's ever seen every time you come home.

There's no better feeling than seeing your excited, lovable pooch bouncing around by the front door with their tail wagging and tongue ready for kisses. Your dog's greeting demonstrates their love for you.