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how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

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โˆ™ 2011-05-31 13:56:37
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Q: How do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?
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Why am I going through 1-2 gallon of antifreeze a week?

You have a leak. You need to find and repair the leak.You have a leak. You need to find and repair the leak.

Cost to repair a water leak in basement?

The cost to repair a water leak in a basement will depend with the leaking hole. The cost to repair it can range from $20 to about $150.

What will stop a water leak?

Repair the pipe of fixture to stop your leak.

How can I detect and repair a leaking basement?

I think I have a water leak in my basement. What are some ways to detect and repair the leak?

How can you find a leak in my water supply line from well to house?

Unless you dug the whole line up you probably wouldn't find the leak unless it was a very large leak which would bring the water to the surface, You would be better off just installing a new line. Call a leak detection company. They will find your leak to within inches, and you will be able to dig down, repair the line where it is broken, and repair it.

Ram 1500 radiator leak?

Find leak, repair/replace cause.

How do you repair a water service line leak?

You would contact a plumber. Depending where the leak is, the city may need to be contacted for repair.

What does it mean when the tank keeps running?

If you mean the toilet tank, it means you have a leak and water (and $$$ if you have a water meter) are being lost. It is the same as a leaky faucet. You need to find the source of the leak and repair.

How would water get in the trunk of a 2000 Neon. I can't find where its coming from. Where should I look?

There are many possible leak points, but the most common place for a trunk water leak in a neon is around the tail lamp mounting bolt holes. If you are unable to locate and repair the leak, there are people who specialize in this type of repair.

What do you do if coolant is leaking coolant your 95 MX 6 V6?

Find where it is leaking, and repair the leak, adding "Stop-leak" will possibly work, but may create more problems by doing so. If you can't find the leak, take it in for repair.

Can your coolant expansion tank just leak and how do you repair?

It cannot 'just' leak, there has to be a cause. You need to find where the leak is from.A temporary repair can sometimes be made using a sealant or adhesive and then the tank replaced.

What works for a oil leak?

It all depends on where the oil leak is located. First find the source, then know your mechanical abilities, repair your self or find a person that has done this repair before to tackle it for you. There is nothing you can add to the crankcase that will stop an oil leak.

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