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The port scanner is a software application which is designed to scan a server for open ports. This product is usually most often used by administrators who wish to verify security policies of their networks by running scans on them.

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Where is the scanner port for a 2002 Dakota?

Where is the scanner port for a 2002 Dakota?

Where can you plug in the scanner?

That depends on the scanner. Typically they are plugged in to either the USB port or the parallel port, depending on how the scanner is designed.

Where is the diagnostic scanner port in ford E-150?

Where is the diagnostic scanner port on a 1995 F-250 4x4

Where is the diagnostic scanner port in a Honda accord 1987?

there is not a scanner port on 87 hondas, the ecu will flash the code from the led on top of the computer. dachonda

Will this scanner work on my Mac?

Yes, this scanner will work both with pc's and mac computers.

How the scanner connected to the computer?

Most of the time through a USB port.

What can be used to accomplish look for open ports on a network host to assess vulnerabilities?

Port scannerAnswer Explanation: To help assess vulnerabilities relating to a network's security, use a port scanner. Port scanners are used to look for open ports on a network host. Port scanners can detect computer network services that a remotely located system is providing.

Do all regular scanners work as a photo scanner?

To the best of my knowledge, all regular scanners can work as a photo scanner. However, if you are into photography, a specifically designed photo scanner may be best for you.

Where do you connect obd scanner on 2001 4runner?

The obd port is under the dash on the driver side.

What is a scanner used for?

a scanner is used for copying your work Scanner is used for making more copies of an image or document. It needs ink to be able to do that

How do you connect innova 3130 scanner to PC?

Plug the included serial connection (RS-232, DB9) into the male DB9 port on the back of a computer. You need to install the software that come with the scanner too. Once I plugged mine in, it connected right away no problems and was able to read codes from the scanner from the computer. If you don't have a serial port, you can get a RS-232 to USB adapter to use with a USB port. J. Frontbutt

Where is the OBD2 scanner port on 1994 Toyota Forerunner?

Does not have one, 96 had this port under the steering wheel. Yours is a OBD1 under the hood behind the battery.

Where is the diagnostic scanner port in a 2004 Explorer I have an OBD II CAN scanner but can't find the port connector. Thanks?

There should be a connector under the dash, driver side. It is located right above the park brake release lever facing straight down.

How does a portable scanner work?

"Most portable scanners are about the size of a pen, and work mostly like a normal scanner. You just run the portable scanner over a page and it stores the photo." "A typical portable scanner is usually a hand scanner, which can be drug over a document to scan it, although it can be tough to get the right hand speed."

Why might a scanner not work after being installed?

Please check whether you installed proper driver for your scanner.

When would you use a port scanner to test your perimeter network?

To identify potential holes in network firewalls

Does the parallel port is a socket used to connect a device such as a printer or a scanner?


How can you hook up your scanner to your laptop?

Depending on the brand and type of laptop and scanner, it varies in difficulty in explaining how you connect them together. On a standerdised laptop, there hopefully will be many USB ports for a scanner to go into. A scanner should have a port to go into a USB slot. Some scanners have bluetooth and you can connect the that way also.

Will a automotive code scanner obd-2 work on a 1997 Pontiac sunfire se?

Yes a OBD 2 scanner/reader will work on your car

How scanner work?

A scanner works by capturing the digital image of document and uploading it to the computer. The image can then be altered and reprinted.

How a printer and scanner work?

read the instruction book!

Can you save scans onto a USB drive, independent of a computer?

This image scanner would need to be connected to a computer to function correctly. The scanner only has one USB port which is used to connect it to the computer. This is essential as the scanner works in conjunction with software that is installed on the PC.

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