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The port scanner is a software application which is designed to scan a server for open ports. This product is usually most often used by administrators who wish to verify security policies of their networks by running scans on them.

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Q: How does a port scanner work?
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Where is the scanner port for a 2002 Dakota?

Where is the scanner port for a 2002 Dakota?

Where can you plug in the scanner?

That depends on the scanner. Typically they are plugged in to either the USB port or the parallel port, depending on how the scanner is designed.

Where is the diagnostic scanner port in ford E-150?

Where is the diagnostic scanner port on a 1995 F-250 4x4

Davis wants to attach a scanner to his computer. How will he do this?

plug scanner's cord into the USB port

What device can be used for a printer port scanner or removable media?

I/O port

Where is the diagnostic scanner port in a Honda accord 1987?

there is not a scanner port on 87 hondas, the ecu will flash the code from the led on top of the computer. dachonda

What is used to connect a scanner to a PC?

USB Port

What type of port is typically used for a scanner?

Scsi usb

Software searches a node for open ports?

Port scanner.

What would an attacker use to footprint a system?

port scanner!

Will this scanner work on my Mac?

Yes, this scanner will work both with pc's and mac computers.

How the scanner connected to the computer?

Most of the time through a USB port.

What is the name of the software that searches a node for open ports?

Port scanner

The Parallel port is a socket used to connect a device such as a printer or a scanner?


Which tool is used to identify open ports on a host network?

port scanner

Does a Blu-ray scanner play a usb drive?

Only if it has a USB port.

How does a Drum scanner work?


The parallel port is a socket used to conect a device suck as a printer or a scanner?


Where can one download port scanner software for free?

You can download port scanner software for free on download sites such as softpedia, CNet, and tucows. Many of these downloads may be limited with the free version so pick your download carefully.

Can i use my scanner with receipt software and what software applications will work with my personal scanner?


Which tool is commonly used to attackers to help them determine what services are running on a system?

Port Scanner

Where do you connect obd scanner on 2001 4runner?

The obd port is under the dash on the driver side.

Does the police scanner app work?


Do all regular scanners work as a photo scanner?

To the best of my knowledge, all regular scanners can work as a photo scanner. However, if you are into photography, a specifically designed photo scanner may be best for you.

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