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It used to be $ 8.99 a month for 4 movies. Currently the costs have increased to $ 10.79 for one to watch unlimited movies and episodes via the internet

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Q: How much do you pay for Netflix?
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Do you have to pay for Netflix on 3ds?

No you do not have too pay for netflix on the 3DS.

Do you have pay for Netflix?

Get the free trial. Then you have to pay?

Is Netflix included in xbox gold subscription?

You have acces to use netflix, but you have to pay for netflix as a seperate service.

How much is the subscription to rent movies for Netflix?

The subscription to rent movies for Netflix is about eight dollars. This is a fee you have to pay each month.

Do you have to pay Netflix when you have an account?

yes you have to pay 7$ a month

How much does the Netflix app cost?

The Netflix App Cost Nothing But You Need To Make A Netflix Account Which You Pay $7.99 A Month For.

How can you pay for Netflix?

using a credit card

When you get Netflix for wii do you have to pay for the disc?

there is no such thing

When you pay for Netflix does your bill tell you what have you watched?

no it does not

How do you upgrade Netflix?

You have to pay monthly to keep it..

Do you have to pay to watch Netflix on your phone?


Do you have to pay for Netflix if you have a gold xbox membership?

yes you do have to pay for the monthly fee.

What going to happen if you don't cannel Netflix on PS3?

If you don't cannel netflix then you have to pay $10.00 dollar that for sure.

What is the quality of Blockbuster Online as compared to similar or competing services such as Netflix?

Blockbuster online does not have a monthly fee like netflix does. Netflix offers movies, pretty much the same movies as Blockbuster Online, but while using Netflix you have to pay a monthly fee. Also, when using the Blockbuster Online tool you can have newer movies unlike the Netflix where the movies you can get are generally 6-8 months old before you can get them.

How do you get Netflix on PS3?

The ps3 is a lready netiflix ready all you need to do is update it and pay for netflix membership and you're set.

Where can you watch the movie pay it forward?

It's streams on Netflix. If you do not have a Netflix membership, you could sign up for a free trial.

Do you have to pay for Netflix on the nook tablet?

Yes, you have to pay whatever their current charge is for the streaming service.

How do you watch a movie on the computer?

You can pay for Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Does Netflix come free with Xbox live?

No. You have to pay for it by its self.

Do you have to pay for Netflix?

Yes because you don't get stuff for free

Do Netflix expire?

If you don't pay one of your months pay.yes

Can you use Netflix on the psp vita?

It is called "PS Vita" not "PSP Vita". Anyways yes, there is a free netflix app on the ps store for the vita. You still have to pay for Netflix though.

How much is it for Netflix?

to buy it, it costs about 80-90$ and then you have to pay 10$ a month. it's awsome, you can get your favorite t.v. shows and movies.

When will Rio be on Netflix?

Netflix gets movies 1 week after the DVD is released not much point in buying the DVD if you have Netflix I use to work for Netflix I know with these type movies

Why cant you watch your Netflix movies?

You have to pay extra for online streaming

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