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Health insurance rates are based on many variables, but the average cost of health insurance for a single person is roughly $3000 per year.


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You can find cheap low cost health insurance on the internet. You can find cheap low cost health insurance from Blue Cross Health and from the government.

Health insurance rates depend greatly on several factors, including your gender, age, health,location, level of coverage, and amount of people being insured (single versus family). In 2011, the average cost for a single person between the ages of 35 and 44 years was $192 per month. A family plan in 2011 cost an average of $400 per month.

The average cost of health insurance in California depends on many variables including age and current health. Generally, the average cost of health insurance in California is roughly between $300 and $700.

Depends on your health insurance!! If you not have health insurance, you will need to have medicaid.

There are a number of options when choosing health insurance. Companies like VitalOne Health or Health Plan One are great choices when looking for low cost health insurance.

Private health insurance would cost 150-300 dollars a month. Since the insurance is private, the premium will be a lot higher than regular health insurance.

One can obtain free or low cost health insurance through the federal government. For example, the state of Maine offers no cost Medicaid or a no cost health card to individuals that can not afford regular health insurance costs.

There are various companies in California that offer low cost health insurance. Some of the companies that offer low cost health insurance include Blue Cross, Aetna, and Health Net.

One is able to find low cost health insurance at several different online locations including the following websites: Health Insurance, State Farm, AETNA, and Assurance Health.

Average cost of health insurance is dependent on several factors which are individual.

Too many variables. It depends on the plan, cost of living in the area, etc. However, the average cost of a health plan for a single person in the US is about $5,000 a year. So the employer would pay about $2500 per year or $48 a week per employee (based on single). Average family plan is about $13,000 a year total cost.

This will generally depend on what health insurance company (and state) you are considering. Typically a one person plan with no deductible will run close to around $45-60 a month.

"Cinergy 'health insurance' is not actually insurance, it is a discount plan. As such it only may reduce the cost of some services and is less comprehensive than 'real' health insurance."

The cost for student health insurance varies from state to state and from country to country. Many jobs offer health insurance for their employees and other great benefits like paid time off.

The costs of health insurance can be influenced by type of insurance, state of residence, age of the applicant, benefits sought, and health status of the applicant. The Kaiser/Health Research and Educational Trust 2008 Employer Benefits Survey found that the average premium in 2008 for single plan was $4,704, and the average family premium was $12,680.

Assurant health care offers a variety of health insurance plans that can help make health care affordable. Assurant has a fixed-benefit insurance that will allow you to make informed choices on your health care. You will be able to check the cost of the medical service before you book the appointment or test and be informed of how much of the cost will come out of your pocket.

Great West Health Insurance has options when paying for healthcare. Great West Health also operates under Cigna and Anthem Health Insurance companies.

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Completely depends on your opinion. It will raise taxes and cost of medicine, health insurance, etc. For everyone. But it will give the poor who can't afford, or the person who does not want to work health insurance. So in my opinion it's everyone who wants to keep there health insurance which is the middle and upper class.

Aetna offers health insurance, dental insurance, medicare, life insurance and medical insurance plans. They offer cost-effective, high quality health insurance.

The average cost of a typical life insurance policy can very based on the age and overall health of the person taking out the life insurance policy. For example, some insurance companies will give individuals who exercise regularly a discount on insurance.

high cost of health insurance, the technology

People pay health insurance to fight against skyrocketting medical expenses and medicine cost.

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Prices for a cryosurgery depend on a person's individual situation, the insurance company, and many other factors. A health insurance company will give a person a quote for how much the surgery will cost them.

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