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Is Africa PS3 region free Will it work on my pal UK 60gb PS3?


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2009-10-29 09:42:21

as far as i know, ps3 is region free in all over the world.


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only on the 60GB version of the PS3

No.Games and DVD's are region restricted. They will not be able to play on devices in the UK unless:They were purchased in the UKThey are "Region Zero", "Region 0" or "Region Free". Meaning they work anywhere in the worldThey are "Region 2". Which is the UK region.

If your PS3 is backwards compatible (ie. the 80GB or 60GB version) it will work.

Yes, DS games are region free.

you have to covert it by going to the memory section of the 360

yes it does work on the ps3 (ive got 60gb) but some of the applications don't run and it's a bit slow.

A Canadian DVD (region 1) should not work on a European DVD player (region 2). There are six DVD region codes. A DVD from region 1 (which is for the US and Canada) will not play in a player from region 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East).

Yes, the PS3 console is region free, meaning it will play all sort of games regardless of their region, keep in mind that movies are usually region locked so if you buy an american movie it might not work on a PAL ps3, but as far as games go they're region free.

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The PSP is region locked only for UMD movies being played on the machine. all games are region free and will work from anywhere in the world

Yes, the DS games are region free.

No Xbox 360 isn't a region free console PAL-European games won't work on non PAL consoles And opposite applies But some games are region free and work on both

Maybe. Some BD's are coded region-free, so can be played by a Blu-Ray player in any country. About 70% of the discs out there are region free, but most current releases from studios have region coding which will not permit a US player to play a UK disc. With Blu-ray it's Region A, B, and C North America is Region A: Americas, Japan, Korea and South East Asia. Europe is Region B: Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia Asia is Region C: Russia, India, Mainland China and Central Asia countries. we offer best prices on multisystem-electronics on region-free-dvd-blu-ray-players

Yes. All models, 40gb, 60gb, 80gb, 120gb, 250gb!

There are many causes of poverty in the region of South Africa. Some include war, disease, lack of education, lack of work, drought, and low wages.

Nintendo handhelds are region free (except for DSiware) - there is no region locking, nor compatability issues, a GBA from any region will GBA games from any other region.

Does my iphone work in Africa?

No, the 3DS is a region locked console. Games produced for the EU/AUS region for example, can only be played in an EU/AUS 3DS. It would not work if inserted into a US 3DS.

if you have the 60gb model of the PS3 which includes backwards compatability then yes it should work

DS games are region-free, a Japanese DS game will work fine on a DS from the US.

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