Laptop Computer Batteries

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A laptop computer has a battery that has a wonderful battery life. As long as you charge your laptop battery for the appropriate amount of time, then you can use your laptop without the need to plug it in for many hours. This will allow you to be free and not be tied to finding an outlet to plug in your laptop.

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Q: Laptop Computer Batteries
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Related questions

Where can laptop computer batteries be purchased from?

There are many places where laptop computer batteries can be purchased from. One can purchase laptop computer batteries from popular retail stores such as Apple, Microsoft, and Best Buy.

Are laptop batteries difficult to find?

It is not difficult to find a laptop battery. You can search your local computer store, to obtain laptop batteries. Specific places to purchase your laptop battery may include a personal computer manufacturer or a battery retailer.

Where to buy a laptop battery?

There are many different brands and models of laptop computer batteries available online.

Your computer keeps going to sleep mode?

Are you using a laptop and running on batteries? perhaps the batteries are getting low.

What does a computer battery do?

In a laptop, your computer battery keeps your computer running when it isn't plugged in. The batteries on a laptop will eventually run out and will automatically recharge when you plug your laptop back in. With a desktop computer, a small battery keeps your computers internal clock powered when your computer is not plugged in.

Where can one purchase Gateway laptop batteries?

Gateway laptop batteries are sold directly from Gateway as well as by Laptop Battery Depot, Laptop Battery Express, Laptop Rescue, and Batteries Plus.

What are come reliable brand names for laptop computer batteries?

Many companies offer less expensive alternatives to original manufacturer brand name laptop batteries. These include PCMS, Duracell and others. Some users have commented on shorter battery life for generic laptop batteries.

Can I buy laptop batteries at Batteries Plus?

Batteries plus carries all the brands of laptop batteries, the only thing is dell would be cheaper.

Do laptops have batteries?

Yes, laptop computers do have batteries.

What different types of power sources can be used to power a laptop or notebook computer?

AC power Batteries

Can a computer really explode?

Not really. But laptop batteries can burst rather enthusiastically, if the charging goes wrong.

Are all laptop batteries lithium-ion?

No some laptop batteries use different technology.

What websites are selling the cheapest laptop batteries?

My-batteries sells batteries at a reasonable price. Laptop battery depot is also reasonably priced on most varieties of batteries. These two are both easy to use sites. You are able to find the battery by computer model or battery model on both of these sites.

Where can I buy extra laptop batteries?

Extra laptop batteries can be bought straight from the maker of the laptop or from the stores they are sold in such as Best Buy and Officemax.

What are the general prices for laptop batteries?

Buy discount laptop batteries at a cheap price at offers quality replacement Laptop batteries and Chargers for most brands of laptops and netbooks.

Do Toshiba laptop batteries last longer, per use, than Dell laptop batteries?

Laptop battery life depends on a variety of factors. Typcially Dell has higher rated batteries.

Where can you buy laptop batteries replacements?

Laptop replacement batteries can be purchased thru the maker of the laptop, in stores such as Best Buy, or ordered from online. Also, Ebay can be a great resource for replacement batteries.

What is the difference between original manufacturer laptop batteries and equivalent replacement laptop batteries?

Nothing difference between the original or replacement laptop batteries because the replacement laptop batteries have which is compatible for that original laptop. The replacement battery is also which can suitable for other original compatible laptop almost same. but only battery pack which difference from original.

Where can I get laptop computer batteries?

There are a number of places one can purchase a new laptop computer battery. Places like Best Buy and Amazon are always an option. You may also to contact the manufacturer. The type of computer you have will determine what brand to use.

Has a laptop computer ever been determined to be the cause of a fire?

Yes. Sometime around 2005 - 2006, there was a widespread recall of laptop batteries, because they were catching fire.

What store sells lifetime batteries for a laptop computer?

They can be quite expensive, check with the dealers who you bought your laptop from so you get something that is most compatible and carries a good warranty.

What hazardous materials may be found in a computer?

There are numerous hazardous materials found in a computer. Specifically, the contents of laptop batteries contain caustic materials. Additionally, the back light for laptop screens contain mercury.

Is there a charger for laptop batteries only?


Where can one buy Dell computer batteries online?

Purchasing a battery for a Dell portable computer can be done from a variety of online sources. One can obtain them from the Dell website if the model is recent enough. Other sellers of batteries often sell laptop batteries, as do computer parts resellers like Newegg.

Who has laptop batteries for sale?

You can purchase laptop batteries directly from the company that sold you the laptop, or you can also try from stores such as Best Buy or ABC Warehouse stores.