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Q: Lawn Mower Repair Shop?
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Where can one get a Honda lawn mower engine repaired in Indianapolis?

The two closest options for Honda lawn mower engine repair in Indianapolis are the Sears Mower Repair station and the official Honda Repair Shop, both located within city limits.

Is it still worthwhile to get a broken lawn mower repaired?

Lawn mower repairs are still done. You should check local listings online or in Yellowbook to find a shop. Depending on the problem the mower has, the price of the repair will vary. After receiving an estimate for the mower from the repair shop you should decide whether or not it is worth to repair it. If the repair is going to cost $150 or upwards, it may be time to consider purchasing a new mower.

I need a fuel priming bulb for your 25cc craftsman weedwacker?

Check with your local lawn mower repair shop

Where can you buy a carburetor for a Ranch King mower?

Any good lawn mower repair shop should be able to order just about any brand of mower part for you. Good luck.

Where would I get a new oil drain for Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower?

Go to a small engine dealer or repair shop .

Where can I find a reliable riding lawn mower repair shop?

Hey, Try Garrett Mower & Small Engine Repair, 5320 Old Hixson Pike, Hixson, TN 423-870-2202. Hope this helps.

Where can you buy an air filter for a Craftsman lawn mower besides Sears?

I'm sure you can find one at any auto parts store, Walmart, or lawn mower repair shop. If they don't have the Craftsman brand, they will have a replacement filter of another quality brand.

How do you install a 42 deck belt on John deere LX255 Lawn Mower?

One might learn how to install a 42 inch deck belt on a John Deere lawnmower by looking at their user manual. A better route to this may be to take it to a lawn mower shop for repair.

What is an equivalent to Shell Alvania grease?

Your local lawn mower repair shop or auto parts store should be able to recommend a suitable grease that would be equivalent.

where to buy mower repair parts?

If you need parts for you're lawnmower you can go to your local Home Depot, Lowe's, or hardware store for parts. If you prefer to shop online you can buy lawn mower parts here:

What organizing scheme is most indicative in this passage Billy Ray's Pawn Shop and Lawn Mower Repair looked like a burial ground for country auction rejects?


How do you fix a homelite chain saw?

That depends entirely on what's wrong with it. If you have no knowledge of this fairly complicated machine, you should take it to a 'small engine and lawn mower' repair shop.

Where can someone buy a Grasshopper Lawn Mower?

Grasshopper Lawn Mowers may be purchased at their site grasshoppermower directly, or at the-mower-shop-inc, applefarmservice, lawnsite, or other mowing sites.

Were to find gc160 Honda engine parts?

Try your local lawn mower and small engines repair shop, they may have the parts in stock or may be able to order them for you - you might also want to check on ebay.

Where can you find Air Filters for a Weed Eater Riding lawn mower Model?

You can get them at any mower shop. Most Lowes and Home Depot stores will carry them also. You just need to know what engine is in the mower.

Where can I get an owners manual for a Weedeater 22 inch push mower?

My friend at a lawn mower repair shop provided me with this PDF manual he said it covers the weedeater 22 inch mower I uploaded it here I also put the parts list up here that may come in handy if you need to order parts

I have a 70 something model toro wheelhorse mower and need a spindle, Toro has discontinued this part and won't tell me if there is an aftermarket part that replaces it. Where can i find this part or do i need to drop this boat anchor on Toro's front lawn?

Try these sites: OR Also, check with a lawn mower repair shop in your area. Often, parts can be fabricated for older machines.

How do you remove the rear wheel on a cub cadet riding mower?

In order to learn how to remove the real wheel on a Cub Cadet riding mower one may want to look on the Cub Cadet forums for advice. For a more efficient fix, though it will cost more, taking it to a lawn mower repair shop might be best.

The belt of your STX 38 that makes it move broke you need the name of the belt and number if possible please?

The belt is called the drive belt. The number depends on the brand or manufacturer of the belt. If you can't get the numbers off the belt, get the model and serial numbers off your mower and try a lawn mower repair and parts shop for a replacement belt.

You have Briggs Stratton 22hp what oil filter can you use?

I recommend you go to your local Walmart Lawn and Garden Dept or automotive parts store or lawn mower shop. They have manuals that will specify the filters applicable to your engine.

What is size of drive belt on older homelite tractors?

There are probably lots of them, use a string to measure around the pulleys and an auto parts store should be able to get you a correct size belt. A lawn mower repair shop might have a cross reference manual also.

do you have a repair shop?

Do you have a repair shop?

Where can I find a Briggs and stratton gas tank?

You may be able to find one at a lawn mower parts and repairs shop. Check the Yellow Pages for one near you.

What is the belt diagram for 46 inch Murray 18.5 horsepower garden tractor?

The diagram should be on a label on the deck or on the rear of the mower. If it is gone, then your local mower repair shop can probably print you one out for a small fee.

How do fix a broken bolt on a lawn tractor cutting blade?

The broken bolt will have to be extracted or drilled out. Extraction can be done with an E-Z Out tool available at most auto parts store. Instructions on how it's used are included in the package. If the broken bolt is drilled out, it may be necessary to retap the hole to a slighly bigger size and use a different bolt. If you are unsure of doing the job, it might be best to take it to a machine shop or lawn mower repair shop.