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Abdullah Bulbul Amir

The sons of the Prophet are hardy and bold,

And quite unaccustomed to fear,

but of all the most reckless of life or of limb

was Abdullah Bulbul Amir. When they wanted a man to encourage the van

Or harass a foe from the rear,

Storm fort or redoubt, they had only to shout

For Abdullah Bulbul Amir. This son of the desert in battle aroused

Could spit twenty men on his spear.

A terrible creature when sober or soused

Was Abdullah Bulbul Amir. The heroes were plenty and well known to fame

That fought in the ranks of the Czar.

But the greatest of these was a man by the name

Of Ivan Skavinsky Skivar. He could imitate Irving, play euchre or pool

And strum on the Spanish guitar.

In fact quite the cream of the Muscovite team

Was Ivan Skavinsky Skivar. The ladies all loved him, his rivals were few

He could drink them all under the bar.

Come gallant or tank, there was no one to rank

With Ivan Skavinsky Skivar. One day this bold Russian had shouldered his gun

And donned his most truculent sneer.

He went into town, and straightway ran down

Abdullah Bulbul Amir. "Young man", quoth the Bulbul, "Is existence so dull

That you're eager to end your career?

For infidel, know, you have trod on the toe

Of Abdullah Bulbul Amir." "So take your last look at the sunshine and brook

And send your regrets to the Czar.

By this I imply you are going to die,

Mr. Ivan Skavinsky Skivar." Said Ivan, "My friend, your remarks in the end

Will avail you but little, I fear.

For you ne'er will survive to repeat them alive,

Mr. Abdullah Bulbul Amir." Then this bold Mamalouk drew his trusty skibouk

With a cry of "Allah Akbar."

With murderous intent he ferociously went

For Ivan Skavinsky Skivar. They parried and thrust, they sidestepped and cussed

Of blood they spilled a great lot.

The philologist blokes, who seldom crack jokes,

Say that hash was first made on that spot. They fought all that night 'neath the pale yellow moon,

The din it was heard from afar.

And multitudes came, so great was the fame,

Of Abdul and Ivan Skivar. As Abdul's long knife was extracting the life,

In fact he had shouted, "Huzzah!"

He felt himself struck by that wily Calmuck,

Count Ivan Skavinsky Skivar. The Sultan drove by in his red-crested fly,

Expecting the victor to cheer.

But he only drew nigh just to hear the last sigh

Of Abdullah Bulbul Amir. Czar Petrovich too, in his spectacles blue

Drove up in his new crested car.

He arrived just in time to exchange a last line

With Ivan Skavinsky Skivar. There's a grave by the wave where the Blue Danube rolls,

And 'graved there in characters clear,

Is "Stranger, when passing, oh pray for the soul

Of Abdullah Bulbul Amir." A splash in the Black Sea one dark moonless night,

Caused ripples to spread near and far.

It was made by a sack fitting close to the back

Of Ivan Skavinsky Skivar. A Muscovite maiden her lone vigil keeps,

'Neath the light of the pale polar star.

And the name that she murmurs so oft as she weeps

Is Ivan Skavinsky Skivar.

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