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Typically, if a person were to be working and on Medicare, you would have 7-9 months left of coverage left. I know that is not your specific case, but it's a general idea. To get a better idea, I suggest you call the Medicare headquarters at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)


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If the actual medicare number ends in D or W, this does not mean part D or part means deceased or Widowed. Many women who did not work outside of the home were assigned a medicare number that was the same as their spouse, only it ended it B (the spouse ended in A and it was his social security number plus A). When the spouse died they were issued a new card, and while the numbers remained the same the ending letter changed to D to represent that the spouse (primary card holder) was deceased. In some instances, the woman worked and the husband did not, or he worked a job that did not take out money for medicare. In this case, the husband would have the wifes social security number as his medicare number with a B at the end. When the wife died, the husbands number would then change to W for widowed.

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Technically and legally, yes, but there are risks involved.While the Social Security Administration doesn't prohibit people on (SSDI) disability from receiving unemployment checks, state unemployment regulations usually require all unemployment recipients to be willing and able to accept full-time work.This creates a conflict, because you're generally not eligible for Social Security disability benefits if you're capable of full-time work.When you file for unemployment compensation, all states require you to provide your Social Security number (authorized under Internal Revenue Code of 1954, 26 U.S.C. 85, Sections 6011(a), 6050(b), 6109(a), P.L. 98-369, Section 1137(a)(1)). They will share information about your claim with other government agencies to determine how unemployment affects other benefits you may receive, such as Medicaid and food stamps.If you are in the process of filing for Social Security disability, the conflict between simultaneously claiming to be incapable of "Substantial Gainful Activity" (SGA), which generally translates to full-time work, and contractually agreeing that you're willing to accept full-time work (under state unemployment regulations) in exchange for unemployment compensation, mayresult in being denied disability status (most initial claims and first appeals are denied, anyway).If you persist with the disability claim and proceed to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), it will take approximately 18 months to two years from the date you originally filed the claim until your hearing date.By then, your unemployment compensation will (probably) have been exhausted and you will either have been forced to accept employment (thus ending your disability claim for all practical purposes) or will continue to be unemployed or be under-employed. This may be a factor in the judge's decision to award or deny disability, but it will not necessarily prevent you from receiving disability benefits. The disability determination process is usually long, and should not be viewed as a way of generating quick cash.You may want to consult with a disability attorney before taking action.

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