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Remodeling kitchen and bathroom? Consider adding the timeless beauty of natural stone. Natural stone adds class and style. It matches any decor. It is a great investment because it is will last a long time. Granite and marble are the most popular options for countertops for kitchens and vanities for bathrooms, as well as fireplace mantels and surrounds.

Natural stone, like granite and marble, can be polished to a shiny finish or honed for a matte look. There is a variety of edge designs available from simple to more creative options. Some companies can fabricate custom edges based on the client’s own designs.

Granite is the best option for kitchen countertops because it is very durable. It does not break easily, it is hard to scratch. Hot pots and pans can be placed directly onto granite and will not cause any damage. In case any damage occurs, such as a crack or a scratch, it can easily be repaired and polished to its original state. Natural stone is the most sanitary surface for kitchens as it does not harbor bacteria like wood or plastic. It comes in a wide variety of colors and can be easily matched to any color, any decor.

Natural stone looks great in bathrooms as a vanity around the sink. For a complete look, the customer can add the same color tile on the floor or the walls around the bathtub or shower. The floor will not be cold if the floor heat is added underneath the tile.

Natural stone adds pizzazz to the living room with its classy look around the fireplace. Stone also absorbs the heat and then radiates it to keep the room warm and cozy for hours.

Natural stone is easy to care for. When it’s installed, it is usually treated with a special sealer to keep the moisture away. Granite and marble can be cleaned with regular soap and water. Also, many home improvements stores sell special polishing sprays that clean and add shine to the surface of the stone.

Natural stone looks great, adds style and class to a home, and most importantly, increases the value of the property.

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Q: Natural Stone: Great Way to Add Style and Value to Home?
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