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There are many thousands of jobs available in Spain. Spain is a financial and business hub in Europe, and so attracts many professional jobs.

"Empleos" is Spanish for "jobs". A good website for job listings is

Spain has been hard hit by the economic downturn though, and has high unemployment at present compared with the rest of Europe.

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Q: What are the jobs like in Spain?
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What jobs do they have in Spain?

jobs in Spain require skill, sometimes. a job would be either an employer or bullfighters (which is the most famous jobs, but they're is more jobs in Spain) Spain's jobs are somewhat like Americas, except the fact that we talk English and they don't. its the basic. like lawyers and doctors! those are only two examples!

What are some ways people earn a living in Spain?

Spain like any other country has a variety of jobs that people can do, so ignoring these one can focus on jobs that are perhaps special to Spain. Matador, Toreador, Picador.

What are common jobs in Spain?

The common jobs in Spain are gardening and construction, and wineries and that is true.

Major jobs in Spain?

major jobs in Barcelona Spain are fishing, shipping imports and exports, and dancing

What jobs are there in Spain?

There are many jobs available in Spain for citizens. People can work in department stores, grocery stores, or as police officers.

Did Spain bring new jobs to Mexico?


What kind of jobs they have in Spain?

They have the same jobs one can find in any modern country.

What kind of jobs do Spain have?

Jobs in Spain include working in restaurants, movie theaters, and in gas stations. People can also be police officers and construction workers.

What are people born in Spain who held high government jobs in New Spain called?


What are some jobs in Spain?

farmers and bull riders

Where can one find real estate jobs in Spain?

There are several websites that list information on how to find a real estate job in Spain. Recruit Spain lists several job openings. Tip Top Jobs also had several job postings in real estate for Spain.

The most popular jobs in spain?

Devvo don't mess

What are bad things about Spain?

Lack of JobsRoads are tight

Where may one find jobs in Spain?

One may find jobs in Spain in much the same way that one finds jobs in North America. Firstly, contact any connections you have in the area and let them know you are job hunting, and secondly, look through online job boards specific to Spain.

What jobs are available in urban areas of Spain?

Some of the jobs are secretary, teacher, social media worker, and spokesperson.

What are some bad things about Spain?

Lack of JobsRoads are tight

Which of your past jobs did you like the best?

which of these jobs did you like best

What are the main ways people make a living in Spain?

The jobs available in Spain are quite similar to the types of jobs available in the United States. However, some of the main ways people in Spain make a living is by working as a street merchant, as a matador, or by providing services to others.

How do people in Spain earn money?

This is currently a huge problem in Spain because of the downturn of the economy and the high level of unemployment. However, most Spaniards have jobs in the service sector, like other Westernized countries. There is also a relatively large manufacturing sector and small, but concentrated agricultural sector. they have jobs just like us and they also sell food on the streets and play music on the streets

How is Spain like?

Spain is fun and hot

What European country is like Spain?


What is Spain's occupations?

This question is oddly worded. If it is asking what types of jobs are prevalent in Spain, Spain is a modern service economy. There are a number of banking jobs, educational jobs, and legal jobs on the one side and there is also a strong agricultural and blue collar sector with a wide variety of occupations. Please note, that the above is not meant to indicate that Spain has a number of open job-slots since this is not the case currently (with nearly 25% unemployment).

What are the Jobs Like in Durban?

Kinda like the jobs in Port Elizabeth.

What are jobs in China?

Jobs in China include medical jobs like doctors and nurses. Other jobs include business jobs like business owners and managers.

Why do the majority of people live in Madrid?

the madrid in Spain is because there are lots of jobs and bussiness, than anywhere else in Spain. Trust this one!