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Mandarin (or Mandarin Chinese) is spoken mainly in China, however it is also the official language of Taiwan and one of four official languages in Singapore.

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Q: What country speaks mandarin?
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What is the official language in wuhan china?

All over China the official language is Mandarin.

How many language does Hu Jintao speaks?

He could only speaks Mandarin.

What percent of the world speaks mandarin?

As of 2012, about 955 million people speak Mandarin Chinese, which is about 14% of the world's population.

What is Brandon soo hoo ethnicity?

He is Chinese and speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.

What country speaks Congolese?

I don't know, which country speaks american...-_-'

Is Taiwan mandarin the same as china mandarin?

Taiwan speaks mostly Hokkien Chinese. Most that emmigrated after 1949 speak Mandarin. Mandarin is the official language and is taught in schools. There are some differences especially in written language.

Where is the country mandarin located?

Mandarin is the name of a dialect of Chinese.

What languages does Kai Wong speak?

Kai Wong speaks English and French. He also learned Mandarin, and speaks a little Cantonese and Japanese. He studied German, Latin and Greek but am not sure if he speaks them.

What country speaks only Russian?

There is no country that speaks "ONLY" Russian; however, the largest Russian speaking country is Russia.

What languages does Natalie Port man speak?

she speaks mandarin hebrew chineses japanese and taiwan

What country in south America only speaks Portuguese?

There is no such country. Brazil speaks Portuguese as its official language (but many other languages are also spoken there). So no country ONLY speaks portuguese.

What country is Mandarin spoken?

In numerous countries, but most Mandarin speakers live in China.

What languages can MIKA speak?

MIKA speaks French, English, Italian and some Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

Which country speaks galatian?

No country speaks Galatian. It went extinct around the year 400 CE. It was spoken in Turkey.

What country do mandarin oranges come from?

The mandarin orange is grown in south-eastern Asia and the Philippines.

What languages does Jackie Chan speak?

His native language is Mandarin. He speaks Cantonese and Mandarin fluently. He is reasonably fluent in English. He also speaks some Thai, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, French. He knows some Chinese Sign Language and often signs the lyrics to his songs while singing.

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