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Doctor of Medicine.

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Q: What does MD stand for as a degree?
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What does medical degree MD stand for?

M.D: Doctor of Medicine

What does MD mph stand for in a Doctors Name?

MD MPH means that the person is a Doctor of Medicine with a Master's degree in Public Health.

What does MD mph TM stand for in a Doctors Name?

MD stands for Doctor of Medicine, this is a type of medical physician. MPH stands for Masters Degree in Public Health

Why do you get MD?

It is for Doctors to signify that they have a medical degree. MD is an acronym for medical degree.

What is MD degree?

MD stands for Doctor of Medicine.

Which is harder to get a PhD degree or MD degree?

Both are intensive degree programs.

What does MD stand for after a doctors name?

M.D. is the degree (Doctor of Medicine) awarded to graduates of allopathic medical schools. Physicians or "Medical Doctors" can have either the M.D. or D.O. degree in the United States.

What is a general doctor degree?

The degree is a Doctor of Medicine (MD)

What does 'MD' stand for after someone's name?

Medical Doctor

Does MD stand for Minnesota?

MD stands for the US state of Maryland.

What is a MD or OD degree?

MD. Medical Doctor OD. Optometry Doctor

What type of degree do you get when being a pediatrician?

A medical degree -- either an MD or DO.

Is PDEng a academic degree?

No PDEng is a professional degree its similar to a MD.

What degree do you need to be a internal doctor?

The degree would be either an MD or DO.

What does MD stand for in sports teams i have a baseball hat with MD on i?

managing director

What does MD stand for on a map?


Do retired physicians still call themselves MD in correspondence?

Yes, most do. The degree does not expire. The license may, but not the degree. Thus, even though he/she may not be a practicing MD, they are still an MD.

Is MD is an abbreviation?

Yes, it is an abbreviation of degree - MD, as in Doctor of Medicine (medicinae doctor)

What does MD stand for?

Medicinæ Doctor or Doctor of MedicineMD stands for 'managing director'

What degree is needed to become an orthopedic doctor?

A college degree, followed by a medical degree, either an MD or a DO

What does 350 MD stand for?

morocan dirham

What does roman numeral MD stand for?


What does md stand for in roman numerals?


What element does the symbol Md stand for?


What does the letters MD stand for?

Muscular Dystrophy