What is a cable modem used for?

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How do you network a cable modem using a router?

Answer . You'll probably need to plug the cable modem to the cable line. Then plug an ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN port on the router. Then connect each of your computers (via ethernet cable) to the router.

What cable do you use between a modem to a cisco router?

Answer . External modems are built with a female data communications equipment (DCE) DB-25 port for connection to a controlling device such as a PC or a router. Depending on the model of the router you are connecting to, you will use that type of cable. For details lookup "modem-router configurat ( Full Answer )

Can you connect to routers to a cable modem?

An answer... . You can connect two routers to a cable modem. If your cable modem has only one LAN port, then plug the cable modem into the WAN port of the 1st router. Plug the WAN port of the 2nd router into one of the LAN ports on the 1st router. So the connection goes like this: CableModem -> 1 ( Full Answer )

What is a null modem cable?

Null modem is a communication method to connect two DTEs ( computer , terminal , printer etc.) directly using a RS-232 serial cable .

Does it matter which TV jack in your house should be used by your cable modem?

Yes. "You want to use the jack that connects directly to the point where the TV cable comes into you home with no splitters between this jack and the entrance point. Later, if your cable modem connection is constantly going down, you might consider that you've chosen the wrong jack for the connect ( Full Answer )

How do cable modems work?

\nHow should i know......? when ever your are on the computer its running YOUR computer.... and if ur saying how does a cable modem work and i am on a computer.... WELL THIS ISNT MY COMPUTER DO HOW SHOULD I KNOW?! its mr j's.... my computer teacher. \nHow should i know......? when ever your are ( Full Answer )

Why cable modem malfunction?

If it has stopped working even if the lights are on/off doesnt matter. Modems usually only last around 2 years or so. I suggest getting a new modem. It does not need to be a real expensive one. A cheap one works just as well but usually does not last as long. Hope this helped

Find downloading speed of Cable modem if 32QAM demodulation technique used?

Ans 1. when we download from 56k modem, data is changing from a digital signal to an analog signal. Digital-to-analog conversions are perfectly accurate, so downloading at speeds up to 56K is possible. While uploading, data is changing from an analog signal to a digital signal. Analog-to-digital ( Full Answer )

Advantages of cable modem?

_`you can't lose your connection to the server easily.. _`you can check your server-client rigth away if there is coonection problem accure.

How can you use a cable modem for dial up?

Don't use a cable modem for dial up.. Use the modem in your computer or an external voice/fax modem for dial up. If you want to share the internet connection with other computers use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in Windows. Search windows in Information in Help and Support Center for the Inter ( Full Answer )

Cable modem from Cox and you have a wireless router how do you connect your router to the modem so you can use your computer and xbox?

To get "wireless" access from a cable modem, you will need a wireless router in addition to the cable modem. Wireless routers are made by Linksys, and a number of other vendors. Start: 1. Plug the coax cable from the wall into your modem. (this is the "live" internet connection now powering your mod ( Full Answer )

What type of cable should you use to extend the cable to your cable modem?

You should use an RG-6 cable RG-6 A type of coaxial cable with an impedance of 75 ohms and that contains an 18 AWG core conductor. RG-6 is used for television, satellite, and broadband cable connections. Source = Network+ Guide to Networks (Fifth Edition) by Tamara Dean

What modem uses coaxial cable?

A coaxial cable has great uses in television antenna connections.TV satellite connections also use coaxial cables to connectdecoders to the TV set.

Can you Combine a cable modem and a DSL modem?

I set up Peplink at work and it works great combining multiple internet sources. From there site: Increase your bandwidth at anytime. Peplink Balance multi-WAN routers give you the ability to transparently connect new low-cost Internet links, such as DSL, Cable, 3G Wireless to your existing netw ( Full Answer )

Cable modem for internet and voip?

Ther are two types of VoIP, one that requires VoIP modem and onethat is through web user interface account. It doesn't matterwhether it is a cable modem or an ADSL modem.so sexy.

Is there fax software for cable modems?

JoyFax Server supports Fax over IP(FoIP) which enables sending and receiving faxes via a Voice over IP (VoIP, T.38) network, such as Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Quintum and others. Analog telephone line also supported. Its client-server design allows you to easily send fax and receive from any Win ( Full Answer )

Do you have to have a cable modem with a wireless router?

A wireless router provides a wireless network, but does not provide Internet connectivity by itself, unless it is a combination router/modem, such as a Motorola Surfboard. A typical home wireless router will not have this functionality included, so a cable modem is often required to access a cable p ( Full Answer )

How do you use a usb cable to connect to your modem?

When you get your cable modem, it should come with a CD in which you can install the drivers(Software of the modem) to you computer using a USB cable. After its complete you should be able to access the internet without using the Ethernet cable

What is the average cost for a cable modem?

A cable modem can vary greatly in cost. Anywhere from 40-230 dollars is a very good estimate. But, when you contract for one and have it installed, you will never wish to do without.

What is a cable modem?

Cable modems are a kind of device that you hook up to your computer that is used to deliver broadband acess in the form of cable internet to your computer. It allows you to surf the web.

Can a Wii be connected to a cable modem?

If you bought the ethernet adapter for the Wii, then you can connect your Wii directly to your cable modem like any computer. On some ISPs, you may have to register the console's hardware (MAC) address ahead of time so that it can access the Internet. Without the ethernet adapter. The Wii cannot ( Full Answer )

Is the modem cable different to the Ethernet cable?

The ethernet cable is the cable with end plugs similar to a phone cable but a little larger in appearance. The cable modem may have one leaving it to go to your PC or your router for a home network

When was the cable modem invented?

The earliest known cable modem was introduced in 1979. This was known as a cable RF Modem. However, cable modems as we know them today, were not introduced until the 1990s.

How does a cable modem connect to the internet?

The Cable Modem is able to take incoming traffic from groups of customs on a certain channel and it routes it to the Internet Service Provider (also known as ISP) for an internet connection. For a more in depth overview of how it works there is an abundance of more information online.

What are the benefits of using a cable modem?

A cable modem has many advantages over other alternatives. Some of the benefits include an always-online, broadband connection allowing for fast internet access at any time with high bandwidth capabilities, in excess of 30 megabits/second. This allows for much faster downloading capabilities and, as ( Full Answer )

Which company makes the best cable modem for use at home?

The best cable modem for home use will depend on a few factors like the distance to the transmission source, what will be connected to it and the service subscribed to. The SURFboard SB5101 and the Motorola SB6141 are two of the best selling and most popular modems for home use.

What can one do with a LinkSys cable modem?

A LinkSys cable modem offers the user the ability to get a fast internet connecton without paying monthly rental fees. The system is 'always on' but doesn't tie up the phone line and doesn't suffer from interference.

Can you use BSNL modem in other cable broadband?

Yes, the BSNL modem can be used with any other broadband connection that you have, and the same is the thing for other companies too. You should have no problem using it with whatever setup you have.

How does cable modem networking work?

For cable modem networking to work the cable modem will need to be connected to a network hub. This will allow all computers in the network to connect to the internet.