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In terms of moving pictures, whether they be on computer video clips, or television broadcasts, or movies, or whatever, frame rate refers to rate at which still image frames are changed. Frame rate is usually measured in fps, frames per second. The higher the number the better.
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Can you run Battlefield 2 on high graphics with an ATI Radeon 9550 and get a good frame rate?

the card is too old no sorry you cant but you can put some of the graphics options on high.This card graphics card is getting very old but it still runs all thegames at the moe. I hope you did not buy this card in the last yearbecause its 4 years old now. u cant realy play this game if u have onl ( Full Answer )

Why does your graphics frame rate drop?

Answer . its depends on the video card you have, the amount of Ram on your card and the amount of ram on your mother-board. When you play a game with high graphics your video card gets flooded with information. If you don't have enough memory on the card/mother board to handle the graphics and yo ( Full Answer )

What are frames?

Picture frames are largely suitable for advertising at sales, conventions, advertising campaigns, in-shop activities, point-of-sale promotions, for friends and family it is a great gift and a variety of other display purposes. Custom picture frames are the wonderful resolution for fast and easy setu ( Full Answer )

What is a frame?

A frame............................................................................................... .......................................................................................................... .......................................................................................... ( Full Answer )

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Yes you can create a 2 hour fire rating, but from one side only, unless you spray apply the same thickness of fire protection on both sides of the wall. Each will require well over 2" of fire protection. Use ULI design U 703 as an example. These designs are available to download on the ULI web site. ( Full Answer )

What is the frame rate for a tv?

Frame rates vary depending on the video standard used.. In North America and other areas that use NTSC as the standard definition color system, the standard frame rate is 29.97Hz. When the signal is interlaced (Standard definition, and 1080i in high definition) two fields are used to make a complet ( Full Answer )

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Channel has data rate of 4 Kbps and propagation delay of 20mswhat range of frame size do stop and wait give an efficiency of atleast 50?

You need to use two formulas - firstly a= propagation delay/transmission time. We'll denote this by t prop and t trans. . t prop is given in the question, it is 20 x 10 -3 t trans is Distance/Data Rate . so t trans = L / 4 x 10 3 . t trans = 80/L (becasue the powers of ten cancel each ( Full Answer )

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How do you increase frame rate in World of Warcraft?

In general, frame rate can be increased by lowering the video settings, making sure there are no unnecessary programs running in the background and providing ample cooling for your hardware. If this still does not solve the lag, you might consider upgrading your processor, motherboard, RAM, and ( Full Answer )

What is Framing?

Framing can refer to the act of putting a picture in a frame. Insocial science, it is a concept set that often refers to howdifferent cultures and societies behave and evolve.

How do you change the rate of fire on an E2 Trigger frame Version 1.06?

ROF on the E1 and E2 triggers is determined by the timing, the timing will determine how long each cycle of the marker takes, the shoter the time is the more BPS it can get out. If you are not familier with adjusting timing and if you have a e-hopper on top of the marker I suggest you just use the " ( Full Answer )

How do you convert frame rate in Mkv files?

no need to convert just download vlc media player drag and drop the file into vlc go to tools and click track synchronization and click the up arrow where it says advance of audio over video click up until voice and lip movement are exact

What does Fine Motion Enhanced frame rate and 4-ms mean?

Fine Motion Enhanced frame rate is the commercial name given tomotion interpolation technology by Sharp. The 4-ms means the inputlag, which is the delay between the television or monitor receivinga signal and it being displayed on the screen.

How can you increase your frame rate in wow?

You can turn down the graphical settings in the Options menu all to the lowest setting. Also, make sure you have no other programs open while running WoW. Defragmenting your computer/deleting unnecessary files can also increase performance.

Which Frame Relay flow control mechanism is used to signal routers that they should reduce the flow rate frames?

If there is a congestion in one direction, the FECN (forward explicit congestion notification) bit is set to inform routers in the forward direction (from the point of view of the traffic) about the congestion. Also, eventually some frames will travel back to the origin; in that case, the BECN (back ( Full Answer )

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This cost will depend on what you are willing to save or spend. You can hire a contractor who will charge you about $125 per hour-- OR you can hire a good handyman for about $50 per hour and you would have to buy and deliver all materials yourself. The handyman will tell you what you will need ( Full Answer )

Is the resolution rate the number of times one screen or frame is built in one second?

That would be "screen refresh" or 60hz for example. Resolution is the amount of "Pixels" or dots you can see. It would be similar to taking a "Normal" picture in a camera and taking a "High resolution" picture. The smaller the number, 640x480 the less pixels, pictures would not be as good lookin ( Full Answer )

How can you increase your frame-rate in World of Warcraft?

General things to follow to increase your frame-rate in World of Warcraft include: . Turn down your graphics settings. Having them too high can bog down your computer, especially if there is a lot of things going on at once. Also check out the shadow detail setting, this has been known to slow t ( Full Answer )

What is the perfect frame rate for animation?

Most animated films run at 24 fps. This is known to be the default fps in a given movie or animation to keep the smoothness at an acceptable level. If the frame rate is below 24 fps then the viewer may identify shaky block images in the movie. Higher the fps, better will be the smoothness.

How do you limit the frame rate minecraft?

to get rid of some of the frame rate, go to options, and change the graphics to fast, then change render distance to normal, then change the frames per sec. to max. i almost eliminated it from my game doing this

What is Fatal Frame 4 rated?

Well, technically it doesn't have a rating. But, to me it should be rated teen for some horror images.

How is aliasing related to frame rate?

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What program can speed up footage while retaining frame rate?

A video file is a timed slideshow of images, and if the framerate is set to 30 FPS, for example, it shows 30 images per second. Speeding up a video is no biggie (in fact, you can increase the framerate), but on the contrary, slowing down a video while retaining frame rate is impossible.

What are the ratings and certificates for Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 1988?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 1988 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp Australia:PG Belgium:KT Brazil:10 Canada:PG (Manitoba/Ontario) Canada:G (Nova Scotia/Quebec) Chile:TE Finland:K-11 (DVD rating) Finland:K-12/9 (original rating) France:U Iceland:L (original rating) ( Full Answer )

Why does your frame rate drop drastically while playing certain games?

Problem: When playing games such as Assassin's Creed 4 (Very high resolution/demanding game) the game will run at a constant 30ish FPS for about 10-20 mins. Then all of the sudden the frame rate will drop down into the teens (usually 10-12FPS. I did not have this problem initially when I built my c ( Full Answer )