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“what is an unlocked cell phone”

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An unlocked cell phone is a phone that is unlocked! HaHahaHaHaHa

what is an unlocked cell phone

You can get your cell phone unlocked through the cell phone carrier you are subscribed to. For example, if you are with Wind Wireless, there is an option on the website to unlock your phone.

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When your cell phone is unlocked, you can use it with any service provider's network. The original service provider will have to unlock the cell phone for you.

bring your phone to your atnt store and ask them.

An unlocked cell phone means that it can be used with any carrier. It does not have to have a contract; however, it can have a phone line on it. (any phone line, not just at&t, verizon, & sprint)

You can avoid proprietary settings on an unlocked cell phone by purchasing it new from a third party vendor but unlocked, although the "con" to that is that you'll pay just about full retail price for the phone.

You can get a cell phone unlocked by seeking these services from an expert. Small companies that conduct this business often advertise themselves in newspapers.

A cheap and unlocked cell phone would have a lot of options and capabilities compared to an locked phone. This person would have more access to applications and programs on their phone.

A cheap unlocked cell phone would probably be a used flashed phone. A flashed phone is a phone that is able to be used by other carriers. New ones wouldn't be cheap.

Any cell phone that is unlocked requires a SIM card to work. If you own a Sidekick cell phone that is unlocked you are able to use a carrier other than T-Mobile. For this reason, it will require a SIM card to work.

eBay is a good place to search for unlocked cell phones at a good price. Be wary when purchasing as unlocked cell phones are illegal.

because its programed in the phone when you get it and after you hook up the phone.

Yes it is perfectly legal to get an unlocked phone. You will just have to pay an activation fee to get on a phone plan with one of the phone carriers.

Most cell phones that are purchased directly from cell phone providers are locked, which means that the phone can only be used through the provider's network. Unlocked cell phones can be used on any cell phone network. Unlocking a cell phone should be done by individuals with experience. The best place to buy cheap cell phones that are unlocked is at online auction sites like Ebay. A community site, such as Craigslist, is another good place to buy cheap unlocked cell phones.

Sure you can get Unlocked phones.

Yes, only if it is unlocked.

It means that it can be used by anyone.

Yes you can! as long as the phone is unlocked any sim card will work in it :)

There are many places that sell unlocked cell phones. Here are a couple: and . Note that in many cases, unlocking a cell phone voids the warranty.

One can find an individual unlocked Sprint cell phone in classified ads. There are kiosks and stores that specialize in unlocking products for a fee.

With an unlocked cell phone, you can use the cell phone with any carrier (mobile phone provider). For example, if you buy a phone, it is usually "locked" meaning you can only use with the provider from which it came. Although unlocking your cell phone violates it warrantee, if you want to take the risk, here is a good tutorial:

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